World War 3: China Join U.S. In New U.N. Sanctions Against North Korea, DPRK Calls America ‘Gangster-Like’

In World War 3 news, North Korea’s ally China has finally stepped up to join the United States on Friday as the U.N. Security Council increased their sanctions against North Korea after flouting international condemnation by continuing with missile tests. While Beijing has previously called on North Korea to stop their nuclear program and missile tests, they have also not approved of the United States conducting military exercises around the Korean Peninsula.

China appears to have changed their mind about the threat that North Korea poses to the rest of the world, especially as they have been conducting missile tests weekly with no break. Analysts once felt that China wouldn’t be willing to impose sanctions on North Korea as their main priority was to make sure that their own border was protected.

However, as North Korea continue to amp up their nuclear and missile programs, the threat of World War 3 and other possible consequences has made China change their mind. Boston College professor Robert Ross recently told CNN that he believed the U.S. would inevitably find themselves upset over China’s refusal to do much about North Korea.

In World War 3 news, China has joined the U.N. Security Council to expand sanctions against North Korea.
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“China’s priority is avoiding war on its border and it won’t sacrifice that to help US deal with North Korea’s nuclear program. Trump continues to rely on China and may be very frustrated by their inability to deliver.”

Friday’s expansion of sanctions against North Korea by the U.N. Security Council marks the first time that a resolution of this kind has taken place between China and the United States since Donald Trump became president, as Reuters report.

In order to avoid World War 3 or any kind of war with North Korea, Trump has been trying to get China to do whatever they need to get their ally to give up their nuclear program and weekly missile tests. The United States government has let China know in no uncertain terms that America will do whatever it takes if North Korea persists in going against the international community.

North Korea have not relented on their World War 3 rhetoric, with their state-run media company KCNA recently suggesting that if a nuclear war occurred, it would be the fault of American imperialists provoking Kim Jong-un.

“On May 29, the US imperialists committed a grave military provocation by letting a formation of infamous B-1B nuclear strategic bombers fly over south Korea once again to stage a nuclear bomb dropping drill. The gangster-like US imperialists are making all the more desperate in their moves to ignite a nuclear war despite the repeated warnings of the DPRK.”

It is hoped that China’s cooperation with the United States and their willingness to agree to the U.N. Security Council’s new expanded sanctions that it may slow down North Korea’s nuclear program and their posturing and implied World War 3 threats. This is especially the case as they have repeatedly said that it is their goal to create a working nuclear-tipped missile which is able to easily hit the mainland U.S.

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Friday’s new resolution by the U.N. Security Council was agreed to by the 15-members of the council and will target four entities with its new and expanded sanctions against North Korea. These include Strategic Rocket Force of the Korean People’s Army and the Koryo Bank. But the sanctions will also be directed against the person in charge of the spying operations of Pyongyang, along with 14 other unnamed individuals.

Do you think World War 3 can be avoided with North Korea now that China is teaming up with the U.S. and the U.N. Security Council to impose further sanctions?

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