‘Fixer Upper’ Stars Chip And Joanna Gaines Feuding With The ‘Property Brothers’? The Truth Behind The Rumors

Jonathan and Drew Scott are enjoying the success of their show, Brother vs. Brother, but that doesn’t mean they are competing against Fixer Upper’s Chip and Joanna Gaines. Despite rumors of a feud between the two shows, the Scott brothers assured their fans they are not fighting with their HGTV counterparts. What is the truth behind the rumors?

In an interview with Fox News, Jonathan and Drew dished on their show, which features other HGTV personalities judging the brothers on their work. While the siblings are well acquainted with other shows on HGTV, they were surprised when they learned about the rumors with Fixer Upper.

“We know a lot of the [HGTV] talent really well. Our show starting airing in 2011 and over that time we’ve met [Chip and Joanna] once or twice. They were really nice,” Drew shared, adding that Property Brothers is a completely different show. “Chip and Joanna keep it to where they live in Waco and do their own thing, where Drew and I, we travel around.”

The brothers say they aren’t competing against Chip and Joanna. Instead, the two are currently focused on their series, which debuted its new season this year. “When we compete it’s not to knock each other down. We push each other to do better,” Drew explained. “We’re not malicious, but we do prank each other and have fun.”


According to Today, the rumors of a behind-the-scenes feud started after the Gaines turned down an opportunity to be on Brother vs. Brother. After the news broke that Chip and Joanna would not be a part of the show, the brothers released a statement debunking the rumors.

“No, we’re not jealous of them,” Drew shared. “They are phenomenally successful, the audience loves them and our fans have been asking for us to do something together.”

Despite the comments, it still isn’t clear why Chip and Joanna declined the invitation to be on the Scotts’ show. According to She Knows, a scheduling conflict may have been the reason behind the snub, though the couple has not said anything about the rumors. Chip and Joanna are very busy with their series and Chip just announced his new book, so it’s entirely possible that their schedule does not permit an appearance on another show this year.


The Scott brothers, of course, also have a busy schedule. In fact, their busy lives are the one thing they claim has changed since their rise to stardom. “When our friends, who have known us from the beginning, I love that they tell us nothing has changed, we just have a tighter schedule,” Jonathan explained.

While it sounds like the stars of Property Brothers and Fixer Upper are not feuding, they are still competing against each other for viewers on HGTV. In fact, People reports that Scott McGillivray of Income Property recently played a game of Would You Rather and dished on which show he thinks is better.

While the longtime HGTV host aced every interior design question, he hesitated to pick a winner between Fixer Upper and Property Brothers. After mumbling, “they’re gonna kill me,” McGillivray went with Property Brothers because he said he would be seeing them sooner than the Gaines. To be fair, McGillivray admitted that Chip and Joanna were wonderful.


Chip and Joanna have not responded to any of the rumors surrounding their feud with the Scott brothers. The couple is currently filming for Season 5 of Fixer Upper, and so it might be a while before they address the rumors. Fortunately, it sounds like they aren’t feuding with Property Brothers – at least not yet.

New episodes of Brother vs. Brother air Wednesday nights on HGTV.

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