‘Big Brother 19’: Countdown To The Cast Release Continues As False Information And Rumors Swirl

Big Brother fans are anxiously waiting for news of the upcoming Season 19. There have been tons of rumors and lots of speculation, but nothing has yet been solidly confirmed. The timeframe, however, is right on schedule.

The two-hour premiere of Big Brother 19 is scheduled for June 28. We know the show is coming back with the normal three episodes each week. On Sunday nights, fans will watch the Nomination Ceremony to see who is on the block and facing eviction. Wednesday nights will show the Veto Competition and Veto Ceremony. Thursday will be a live show with one of the Big Brother houseguests being evicted, while the remainder competes for the next Head of Household.

Looking at the timeframe explained on Big Brother Network, things are actually right on schedule. Last summer, the premiere date was June 22, eight days sooner. Big Brother Network had the opportunity to meet the cast on June 14.

In previous seasons, future houseguests were sequestered for a week prior to entering the Big Brother house. However, when a vet would enter the game, their sequester time would not be as long. During this period of time is when the press would get the opportunity to meet the houseguests and do interviews. In mid-May, Kassting, Inc. announced that all of the semi-finalists had been contacted.

This year, there have been fake cast lists and tons of speculation and rumors. Social media is blowing up with all the theories and endless possibilities. One thing that seems to be a common theme is that fans aren’t excited about a season of returning players. Instead, Big Brother fans want to see superfans enter the game and use what they have learned from years of watching. Of course, that is repeated each year on social media, because the recruiting methods used always brought in a few who have never even seen the show, while superfans are overlooked.


Julie Chen is expected to reveal the Big Brother house on her show The Talk. However, no one knows when yet. According to the schedule that was followed for Season 18, the press should receive invitations to interview the sequestered houseguests around the June 14. The next step would be the chance to meet the ones that made it through to the game, and production isn’t behind. Fans are anxious for their favorite hit reality show to return. The late start this year feels like Christmas just got moved to January.


Something we are relatively safe to expect this upcoming season is Evel Dick on Twitter. He has started early this year with several tweets. Each season, the former winner weighs in on what is going on in the Big Brother house. His antics have often been known to cause more drama outside the house than the cast is dealing with in the house.

Fans of Big Brother can relax. Things are right on track for Season 19. Within approximately 10 days, some news should come from the production camp. They invite the media to meet the cast and interview them, either in the form of an announcement or invitations that are sent to the small group. As soon as information is available, the Inquisitr will report it to you. Make sure to check back with us for all the latest Big Brother news, and mark your calendars to tune in for the CBS premiere on June 28.

Are you counting down to the premiere of Big Brother 19? What are you hoping for this season – All Stars, Second Chances, or a season of newbies? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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