WWE Extreme Rules: Alexa Bliss Vs. Bayley Was A Squash Match, And Fans Are Outraged

There are times when squash matches are quite enjoyable to watch. The RAW Women’s Championship match at WWE Extreme Rules was not one of them. In a battle that lasted roughly five minutes, Bayley was once more beaten to a bruised pulp by Alexa Bliss, who ended the match retaining her title. Needless to say, many professional wrestling fans are not happy with the result.

The match had some build-up over the past few weeks, with Alexa Bliss mentally and physically tormenting Bayley multiple times, culminating in last week’s painful “This is Your Life” segment, a skit that was so poorly received that the WWE quickly pulled it out of social media just hours after being uploaded. The Kendo Stick on a Pole match at Extreme Rules, just like last week’s segment, was received by many WWE fans in a very similar manner.

If there were anything extreme about the match, it would be its duration. After the initial introductions of the two competitors, Bliss and Bayley immediately attempted to get the kendo stick. Bayley had a couple of moments in the match, suplexing Bliss to the floor and getting her hands on the kendo stick first, according to a Wrestling Inc. report. Being the perfect face wrestler that she was, however, Bayley hesitated a bit before attempting to strike Bliss with the wooden weapon. Unfortunately for the WWE’s resident professional hugger, that was all Bliss needed to take control of the match.

As soon as Bliss had the kendo stick in her hands, the match became a throwback to the last few weeks, with the popular heel attacking Bayley’s back and neck relentlessly with the wooden weapon. One DDT after and the match was over. Just as Alexa Bliss predicted, Bayley was far too nice for an extreme rules match, and her tendency to be kind even to her opponents ultimately became her undoing. As short as the match was over, however, Bayley’s back took a severe beating, with the WWE releasing photos of the favorite wrestler’s back bruised and swollen due to Bliss’ attack.

While the kendo stick stipulation really did come into play in the brief Women’s Championship match, many WWE fans have reacted negatively to how the fight was booked. Over the past few weeks, it appeared to avid WWE fans that Bayley was practically jobbing to Alexa, who seemed to be getting a push of almost Roman Reigns proportions. There was just one particular problem, however. Bliss’ in-ring abilities are not as refined as her opponent.

During the build-up to the PPV, many WWE fans have noted that the Women’s Championship match was a battle between Bayley, a talented wrestler with horrible mic skills, and Alexa, a rough wrestler with excellent mic skills. Unfortunately for Bayley, however, Alexa’s push seemed to be coming at her expense, with Sportskeeda stating that the Extreme Rules booking made the popular face wrestler look extremely weak. After all, Bayley has gone through numerous excruciating matches in the past, going against the likes of Nia Jax and NXT’s Asuka. Thus, it seemed that her squash at Extreme Rules under the hands of Bliss was not only out of character, it was also bad writing on the WWE’s part.

If any, the results of the Women’s Championship match at Extreme Rules has likely put an end to the long-running Bayley Vs. Alexa Bliss rivalry. With the recent push, many WWE fans are speculating that Little Miss Bliss would most likely enter into another feud with her next challenger. Bayley, on the other hand, might be going for a long road back to the No. 1 contender spot, possibly becoming a heel in the process. Of course, these are but speculations among avid wrestling fans for now. Thus, do take these with a generous helping of salt.

As Extreme Rules ended, however, Alexa Bliss was still the WWE RAW Women’s Champion.

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