Kourtney Kardashian Allowed Scott Disick To See The Kids For An Hour Following His Return To L.A.

Scott Disick has been allowed to spend time with his children for an hour in Los Angeles on June 3. The reunion happened a few days after Kourtney Kardashian banned Scott from seeing them.

As reported by People, Disick had lunch with his and Kourtney’s older children — Mason, 7, and Penelope, 4 — just a couple of days since his return from a wild week in Cannes and Europe.

“He spent an hour with his older kids at lunch,” a source said, confirming that Scott and his kids enjoyed lunch at King’s Fish House in Calabasas on Saturday. “He seemed okay. He was just focused on his kids. They seemed happy to see him.”

“The kids hadn’t seen him for weeks and really missed him,” the source adds. “Kourtney is hoping spending time with the kids with help motivate him to stay sober. She has been down this road before. That Scott takes off for weeks is not anything new to her. She has struggled with feeling angry with him, but also trying to do what’s best for the kids. She wants him to have the best relationship with the kids. Of course there are rules. Scott can’t show up drunk to see the kids.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a source close to the couple claimed that Kourtney Kardashian has been worried sick for Scott Disick of late. She reportedly thinks Disick has “gone off the deep end again” and has been in a depressed state “for a few weeks now.” As reported by multiple gossip sites for the past several weeks, Mr. Disick has been partying excessively of late — a sign that he’s trying to cope with depression. It’s a story that Ms. Kardashian is familiar with, and she’s reportedly worried that Scott’s excessive drinking would lead to his further ruin.


Another insider also told People that Scott Disick’s “wild behavior” could “cost him his family if he’s not careful.”

The insider, however, emphasized that Kourtney just wants Disick to “get better” and that “none of the Kardashians look at him with hate.”

Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian has been spotted getting cozy with 24-year-old model Younes Bendjima, which reportedly angered Mr. Disick. According to reports, the news that Kourtney is dating another man made him feel so distraught that he went on a dating rampage in order to exact revenge on her.

For the past few weeks, Disick has been spotted cozying up to numerous women, including Bella Thorne, Sophia Richie, Chantel Jeffries, and Maggie Petrova. This reportedly angered Kourtney Kardashian because it’s not something their kids would be proud of.

“Kourtney thinks that the idea of Scott and Bella dating is embarrassing, particularly because she’s so young,” another insider told People. “She also thinks Bella is a little trashy so the idea of the two of them dating definitely bothers her a bit.”


That said, Scott Disick’s return to L.A. might be a sign that he’s ready to turn his life around after over a month of debauchery.

“He could have stayed in Europe if he wanted to,” the source said.”He has been partying for weeks, and it has been catching up to him. He is not 20 anymore and has complained that he is not feeling great. Usually L.A. is the place he returns to when he is ready to shape up.”

As to shaping up, Scott Disick has got a good head start by seeing his and Kourtney’s kids. The time he spends with them, even for just an hour, could serve as a sobering reminder of what he would lose if he doesn’t pick himself up from the hole he dug for himself.

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