Kourtney Kardashian Is Worried For Scott Disick, Doesn’t Want Him Near Their Children

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have had a stormy relationship, and the big part of the blame can be attributed to the latter’s partying and womanizing ways. Despite their numerous disagreements as an on-and-off couple, Kourtney and Scott have maintained a good relationship, at least relatively so, as co-parents to their three children– Mason, 7, Penelope, 4, and Reign, 2. A source close to the couple, however, claims that their relationship as co-parents is now undergoing a real test.

According to an insider for ET Online, Kourtney Kardashian is getting worried for Scott Disick because she thinks he’s “gone off the deep end again,” and it’s been going on “for a few weeks now.” Those who have been keeping up with the Kardashians (so to speak) know this story all too well.

“This is something that Scott has struggled with for years, and something Kourtney has dealt with since she has known Scott,” the source explains. “When Scott starts partying, he can’t stop. There is no middle ground for Scott — it’s go all in or none at all. This is how he has always been.”

The source explains how Scott Disick “turns to partying for help” whenever he “goes into dark, depressed stages.”

“Kourtney has had enough and does not want him around the kids until he can figure his own problems out,” the source says, adding that Kourt knows Scott is “a good father and never wanted to punish the kids with not seeing their father.”

The source explains that “the kids are getting older, especially Mason, where they know that something is wrong.”

“Kourtney’s first priority is to protect her kids, and that’s what she’ll do,” the source adds.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Scott Disick’s partying and womanizing have gone into overdrive over the past couple of months, and a source claims that it’s gotten so bad that his friends are suggesting that he go back into rehab. The source also claims that Lord Disick has turned to alcohol because he felt frustrated and hurt upon learning that his former partner Kourtney has allegedly been dating a new man, Younes Bendjima.

The news that Kourtney Kardashian has been dating Younes Bendjima was especially painful for Scott Disick not only because PDA photos of the alleged couple are all over the web, but also because he had been taking initial steps in rekindling his relationship with the brunette beauty. He was feeling so distraught that he organized booze-fueled parties for weeks inside his home. And his downward spiral into depression doesn’t just involve booze, it also involved dating as many women as possible, according to reports.

Scott’s appetite for booze is just as prodigious as his appetite for women, having been spotted getting cozy with Bella Thorne, Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Sofia Richie, Ella Ross, and his former girlfriend, Chloe Bartoli.

A source close to Ms. Bartoli dismissed the rumors that Bartoli and Disick rekindled their romance.

“Scott and Chloe have been friends for years,” a source tells Entertainment Tonight. “They have mutual friends and both love to party. They hook up whenever they are in the same place. It’s nothing more than that.”

Did Kourtney Kardashian feel jealous at all upon learning about Scott Disick’s involvement with other women? A source for E! News suggests that the answer is no.

“She thought it was pathetic for Scott to try and one up her in Cannes,” the insider said.

“What she is upset about is her kids and she wishes Scott would keep them in mind,” the source added. “One day they are going to be old enough to read about this stuff and understand what is going on.”

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick attend the launch of AG Adriano Goldschmied’s ‘backstAGe presents.’ [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

Meanwhile, Mr. Disick looks like he’s digging a deeper hole for himself every time he tries to one-up Kourtney. If he continues to allow his frustration over Kourt and Younes’s rumored relationship prompt him into making bad life decisions, the least likely Ms. Kardashian would entertain the notion of rekindling their romance. Worse, it might negatively affect his relationship with their children.

“Scott knows that Kourtney will never take him back until he stops drinking and grows up, but it’s hard for him to do that,” the source explains. “Scott seeing Kourtney spending so much time with Younes definitely makes all of his own demons a lot worse.”

Do you think Scott Disick will be able to recover from his depression and turn his life around? If yes, will Kourtney Kardashian ever take him back and allow him to come near their children again? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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