T.I. Spoiling Bernice Burgos For Affection Amid Claims Tiny Harris Wants To Reconcile

T.I is reportedly spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on girlfriend Bernice Burgos in the midst of reports claiming that his estranged wife, Tiny Harris, is open to the idea of reconciling with her former lover.

According to reports, things have been going great between T.I. and Bernice — so much so that the rapper even feels comfortable enough to splash tens of thousands of dollars on his new woman. She treats him right and he couldn’t be happier.

T.I. is convinced that Bernice genuinely loves him, Bossip explains. She’s reportedly been traveling the world with him on his tour, where the “Live Your Life” rapper strongly got the impression that Burgos is the one who he’ll potentially spend the rest of his life with. He’s completely fallen for her.

So, the supposed fact that T.I. would spend up to $100,000 on Bernice shouldn’t then come as a surprise — except for Tiny Harris, since she has recently stressed she would be open to a reconciliation with her estranged husband if Bernice was to get out of the picture.

Tiny reportedly blames Bernice for her marriage downfall with T.I., having insinuated that the romance between Burgos and the rapper took place prior to having even filed for divorce in December, which is one of the reasons Harris didn’t hesitate to file the papers when she did it.

Of course, it goes without saying that she still cares for T.I. — enough that she would be open to reuniting with him, but it’s clear from her soon-to-be ex-husband’s recent actions that he’s having the time of his life being away from the mother of his children.

“Tip’s throwing so much money at Bernice to keep her happy and to keep her quiet,” a source tells Hollywood Life, explaining that Bernice is making a fortune from all the gifts and money T.I. has given her.

“In the past month alone he’s spent more than a hundred grand. He gives her stacks of cash, jewelry, and now he’s even talking about buying her a new car. He doesn’t want her dating any other guys, but he also doesn’t want her telling anyone his personal businesses either.”

The source mentions that because T.I. is desperate to keep his relationship with Bernice as private as possible, he would not want the interference of friends and family members telling him what to do, especially since many have advised him to reconnect with Tiny Harris and make it work one last time.

T.I. likes being very private with his business, which would explain part of the reason he’s spending a hefty amount to Bernice — not just because he genuinely cares for her, but also because he does not want her spilling his secrets or things about their romance to her friends or the press.

It’s said that T.I. and Bernice are taking things slow right now. They don’t get to be around one another that often, but when they do, it’s always very magical between the two.

Insiders say that Burgos has been on the road with the rapper for a couple of shows, but she’s not present at every concert. She pops up every now and then and then disappears again — the relationship is still a work in progress because T.I. clearly isn’t ready to go public with it just yet.

Bernice is taking things at T.I.’s pace, having reportedly made it known that neither one of them have to rush into the romance. She’s made it clear, however, that she’s head over heels in love with the 36-year-old and also firmly believes that they’ll have a future together if things continue to go the way that they have.

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