Scott Disick: Kourtney Claims He’s Only Thinking About Sex, Demands Full Custody Of ‘KUWTK’ Kids?

Scott Disick has allegedly been told that he won’t be able to see his children until he gets his act together.

According to reports, Kourtney Kardashian, the mother of his children, is beyond furious that her ex-boyfriend would not only embarrass himself but also her family with recent photos that had surfaced of the 34-year-old with the multiple women he reportedly bedded in the course of a week.

Sources claim that Scott Disick’s trip to Cannes was pretty wild. He initially arrived with his friends and rumored ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne, but after having invited some women over to the place where he was staying, things quickly got out of hand.

In fact, reports allege that Scott Disick was not just flirting with the women, he was also hooking up with them, leaving Bella absolutely speechless. She booked the next flight back to Los Angeles and reportedly called it quits on her two-week relationship with the father-of-three.

Scott Disick’s antics in Cannes have really embarrassed Kourtney, who has told family and friends that she’s humiliated by her ex-boyfriend’s behavior, but she’s so used to it that she’s not entirely shocked by it either.

Hollywood Life claims that Kourtney thinks Scott Disick is so lost in his own world. When he travels outside of the country, especially when there are plenty of women around, all he thinks about is sex — even his romance with Bella Thorne was being ignored.

Sources say that the Scott Disick reportedly won’t be able to see his children until he gets his act together. Kourtney thinks that her former flame’s recent behavior is dangerously alarming — he’s not a teenager, he’s a father of three children and his careless act to steep with so many random strangers is worrying, to say the least.

Kourtney doesn’t know anything else from Scott other than the fact that he likes to party and hook up with other women, but even her family has stressed that she needs to intervene in some ways because that sort of behavior can’t be tolerated when the TV star is around his children, Entertainment Tonight adds.

One source even noted that his children could have seen the raunchy photos of their father groping other women — what should they make of that?

“When Scott [Disick] falls, he really, really falls,” an insider gushes. “It’s kinda tragic, as when he gets like this he can’t think of anyone but himself and his own ‘pleasure.’ The saddest thing of all though is that I don’t think Scott is actually getting any real ‘pleasure’ out of partying anymore.”

“Scott’s becoming more and more of a caricature of his TV persona as time goes on — more surfacey, more self-involved. It used to be more of a joke, but the lines are blurred now, and it’s like the real genuine Scott just isn’t there anymore. He’s always chasing the next hot chick. It’s really sad.”

While the mother of Scott Disick’s children is used to him behaving this way, she knows that she needs to step in because he’s still playing an important role in her life. They’ll forever be connected to one another, as they share three kids with one another.

It goes without saying, however, that Kourtney will not tolerate Scott Disick’s behavior and if he wants to be a doting father to his children, he really needs to prove himself to her and the Kardashians that he’s even capable of being around them again, because right now, they are sickened from what they’ve seen in the press.

Do you think Scott Disick is spiraling out of control?

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