Man Intended To Blame Cat In Foiled Murder Plot

Todd Rigney

St. Louis, MO - A man allegedly plotted to murder a lawyer and pin the crime on the guy's cat, according to Gawker.

Brett Nash, a 46-year-old barge worker living in St. Louis, was attempting to avoid the foreclosure of his home when he hatched a scheme to abduct a lawyer and hold him for ransom. Prosecutors believe that Nash had originally plotted to murder the man by electrocution.

In order for the plot to go off without a hitch, Nash intended to make it look as though the lawyer's cat was responsible for the man's death. However, the suspect has refused to admit that he ever intended to end the victim's life.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Nash attempted to get his wife, a former dancer, to help him out with his nefarious plot. Since the lawyer and Nash's spouse had been friends for several years, he had given her a key at some point during their relationship.

Unfortunately for Nash, his wife refused to help him out. Even when their relationship spiraled into a series of physical and emotional confrontations, she declined to participate in her husband's scheme.

FBI Special Agent Nicholas Manns explained in court documents that Nash had a number of plots up his sleeve. Since he needed to $30,000 to rescue his home from foreclosure, Nash concocted a number of ways to get the money from his victim.

Manns said that, in additional to the ransom plot, the suspect also intended to trick the lawyer into thinking he was wired with deadly explosives. Nash reportedly got the idea for this particular scheme from a television program.

ABC News reports that Nash pleaded guilty to the charge of solicitation of a violent crime. If he's found guilty of the crime, Nash could find himself locked behind bars for up to 20 years. Sentencing is currently scheduled for March 22.

What do you think about the man who intended to blame a murder on a cat?