‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Unfolds With Reason To Fear The Walking Living

Sunday night’s premiere of Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 starts off by giving the viewers the answer to last season’s cliffhanger. Where did Nick and Luciana end up? That’s the question you were left sitting with the last time you laid eyes on the rather scattered members of this once tight-knit group, but Season 3 is all set to give you that answer tonight.

Executive producer Robert Kirkman tells Access Hollywood that Season 3 “hit the ground running,” so there’s nothing that will drag on when you tune in this evening. In an effort to set up something rather fantastic to unfold further on into this new season, Kirkman shares how “we’re not going to be holding our cars too close to the chest.”

Fear the Walking Dead will be undergoing an expansion and Kirkman equates the show’s world getting bigger to The Walking Dead’s days of the Governor. There are hints of someone coming on board in Season 3 who might seem to mirror that patch-wearing villain from the first AMC show that brought you the dead walking in this new world, from a description of one of the new characters offered by Bustle.

It also sounds that Strand will get a storyline of his own as he splits from the group. Kirkman reminds the viewers of Fear the Walking Dead to keep in mind how The Walking Dead had the tendency to send a character off on their own, but it didn’t mean they wouldn’t meet again.

Carol might come to mind as someone who comes and goes from the group. She’s made some elaborate reappearances, like saving them all from death after they made it to that promised land they sought out for the first few seasons. Will Fear the Walking Dead make a hero out of Strand, sending him back to the group just in the nick of time to save them all like they did with Carol in The Walking Dead?


From what Kirkman says, it sounds as if Strand has quite a way to go on his own and some adventures to plod through before making it back to the group, that is if he does ever make it back. Travis lost it and he went a bit crazy at the end of the last season over the death of Chris. Because of this, Travis got his revenge by killing the two guys that Chris had hooked up with when he went his separate way from his father.

With Travis ousted from the hotel, Madison and Alicia head off with him, but he is not the Travis of yesteryear. The guy that was once the backbone of the family is now bitter and rather reckless. Kirkman says,

“I think that Travis is at a place where his stability kind of comes and goes. He has certainly, in contrast to Madison, taken things much more to heart and things have affected him far more as we see in this season.”

Alicia is actually the one to keep an eye on this season, Kirkman paints this character as maturing in leaps and bounds. Madison comes to depend upon Alicia for the strength she used to get from Travis, who is not handling the new world well at all.

According to Bustle, with only two seasons under their belt, Fear the Walking Dead has a limited number of characters, but that changes in Season 3. Who is the Otto family and are the viewers going to like this clan or not?


They are one of those “prepper” families you see on TV and read about online. These are the folks who have prepared for doomsday for years. Despite getting chastised and lambasted, the real-life preppers of today are adamant about being prepared to live independently and guarding your life against those who want what you have when the world as you know it ends. In walks the Otto family, they are those people.

Fear the Walking Dead now has one of those families, the Otto brood. Living life to its fullest despite the dead walking the earth is how this family survives. The clan is headed by the patriarch, Jeremiah. According to Bustle, the eldest son Jake Otto is the polar opposite of his father and the father isn’t painted as someone that’s easily befriended. Jake, who had left the family for a good length of time before the world imploded so he could study constitutional law, broadened his horizons. The same can’t be said for his younger brother Troy, who has been on the family homestead all his life and is a cookie-cutter version of the father.

This family is self-sufficient and they are literally untouched by what is going on in the outside world. Bustle describes their homestead, which is called Broke Jaw Ranch, as self-sustaining, and the zombies just haven’t been a problem to this family when they first show up on Fear the Walking Dead.

From what Bustle reports, Troy is “a constant threat of violence,” and they describe him as “something of a psychopath and a sadist, he has an intense charisma that draws people to him.” This young man sounds like a villain in the making for the third season.

What draws many of the viewers into the shows of Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead are the characters and not the zombies, suggests Bustle. Many of the viewers are more interested in seeing how these seemingly everyday people end up surviving when the world as they know it ends.

How these people get the supplies needed to survive is of a great interest to viewers. It is also interesting to see how the everyday luxuries once awarded to the rich and famous mean nothing in this world. A can of tuna means so much more than a Rolls Royce and the safety of a steel shipping crate as home awards more luxury of the day than any of the Hollywood mansions.

As time goes on, people are protecting the few survival items they do have, so the real enemy becomes the other humans who are looking for those same necessities to survive. The zombies on this show, just like The Walking Dead, are secondary dangers in a world where the dead rise up and walk.

Fear the Walking Dead returns tonight with a two-hour Season 3 premiere. The show airs at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.

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