‘Southern Charm’ Stars At War! Thomas Ravenel Reportedly Wants Kathryn Dennis Thrown In Jail

Thomas Ravenel’s custody battle with Kathryn Dennis is just heating up. While the two are at war over their kids, the Southern Charm star reportedly wants Dennis placed in jail and taken away from the family. Will Ravenel get his wish?

Radar Online reported that Ravenel believes his ex should be held in contempt of court and punished for “false accusations, insinuations, and derogatory statements” made against him. Ravenel says Dennis published her medical records just to disobey court orders and asked a judge to give her the maximum penalty.

The estranged couple have been fighting over Dennis’ medical records for the past few months. A couple weeks ago, a judge ordered her to sign a confidentiality agreement in regards to her rehab stint last year. “Defendant knows that if she fails to comply with the Orders and/or this Agreement that she may be subject to jail, a fine and/or community service,” the judge declared at the time.

Ravenel has enjoyed full custody of their children, Kensington and St. Julien, since the beginning of the split. Dennis has been granted limited rights to the kids, but is now seeking full custody. She claims that Ravenel is using drugs around the kids, including cocaine and mushrooms. Ravenel has a history with substance abuse and was arrested for drinking and driving three years ago. He was also fired as the state treasurer ten years ago for cocaine possession.

"Southern Charm" stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel exchange words.

Radar Online revealed that Dennis believes Ravenel tricked the court into thinking he is sober by shaving his body hair to avoid a hair follicle test. She then asked for the children to be removed from his care and placed in her custody. She also wants Ravenel to undergo a “full psychological evaluation… based upon [his] consistent use of opiates in conjunction with alcohol.”

While it sounds like their war is just heating up, things are cooling down on Southern Charm. According to People, last week’s episode featured a subdued Dennis talking about forgiving Ravenel for his actions. She even apologized for how she handled the breakup and regrets how everything ended.

“[I am] truly regretful of the way things ended with us, leaving our children with only their father or their mother, and never both together. For that, I am truly and sincerely sorry to them — but also to you,” Dennis wrote in a letter to Ravenel.


Dennis added a word about Ravenel’s unwillingness to love again and claims that “he doesn’t feel worthy” for another relationship. “If I were to see him, I would just want to give him a big hug and say that I’m sorry and that I love him,” she shared.

Despite what the court records revealed, it seems like Dennis is spending more time with her kiddos. Bravo TV reported that Dennis recently posted a few pics of her and the kids spending some valuable time by themselves. Dennis looks happier than ever with Kensie, 3, and St. Julien, 1, who also appear in high spirits.

In speaking about the divorce and custody battle, Dennis admitted that the past few years have been hard. Even though she doesn’t get a lot of time with the little one, Dennis does her best to enjoy them whenever she can.

“It’s difficult because I get such little time with them, just about enjoying that time and enjoying family,” she revealed.

Ravenel and Dennis have not discussed their messy custody battle outside of the courtroom. We can only hope that they work things out before it gets even nastier.

Thomas and Kathryn are set to see each other for the first time in over a year on the next all-new episode of Southern Charm. How do you think they will behave?

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