‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Is Michelle Meyer In ‘BB19’ Cast Or Is Evel Dick Trolling ‘Big Brother’ Fans?

Big Brother 19 spoilers from Evel Dick? The BB19 cast will include Michelle Meyer if a Twitter post from the former houseguest is to be believed. It’s also possible that Evel Dick Donato is just trolling fans of the show, many of which have been desperate to learn the names of all the new BB19 cast members. The post was designed to poke fun at the show while attempting to also provide fans with potential Big Brother 19 spoilers to talk about. The trolling worked.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Evel Dick Donato isn’t the only former houseguest to be posting information about the coming season on CBS. Jun Song was messing with Big Brother fans as well, posting false information to her Twitter account that was easily refuted. It’s possible that these former houseguests are as tired of the Big Brother 19 rumors as fans have become, but the final countdown is underway for the June 28 season premiere.

A number of random Twitter accounts, none of which have been verified to have any link to production, Big Brother casting, or CBS, have been posting purported BB19 cast lists. Those names have generated a lot of buzz on social media, with a lot of the lists including former houseguests who could potentially get a “second chance” in the game. Amanda Zuckerman, who has been on several of the lists, stated that they were fake. Maybe she is also trying to throw off viewers? It’s possible, but she is telling her fans that she will be getting married this summer.

There are going to be a lot of new potential Big Brother 19 spoilers over the next few weeks, as CBS is getting close to giving its yearly tour of the Big Brother house. It will likely take place during an episode of The Talk, with host Julie Chen giving viewers that first view of what the summer 2017 theme will entail. Shortly after that first BB19 house tour, the official cast list will likely also be released by production. For Big Brother 18, it was done entirely online, with the bios of the 12 new houseguests appearing on the CBS site a little over a week before the BB18 season premiere.

For viewers and live feed subscribers who are trying to remember how Big Brother 18 worked, 12 new houseguests entered the game and were slowly joined by four returning houseguests. In turn, they popped out of a box in the living room, putting a twist into the BB18 cast. The returners were James Huling, Nicole Franzel, Frank Eudy, and Da’Vonne Rogers. Nicole ended up beating Paul Abrahamian in a jury vote to win the $500,000 prize. Could the recent Big Brother 19 rumors indicate production is ready to do something very similar this summer?

Host Julie Chen has given statements in previous interviews that she would rather have an All-Star cast for Big Brother 20 if the reality competition show even considers having an entire cast of returners again. The first time CBS worked with only returning houseguests, the Big Brother ratings took a bit of a hit. An inherent problem with that format is that once people start getting evicted and favorites begin walking out the front door, fans start losing people to root for and a reason to tune in to watch each week. That leads to a dip in the ratings for CBS and the program.

Michelle Meyer had a really difficult time competing during her first time on the Big Brother cast, so it’s possible that she really wants a second chance on the show, but it’s also equally likely that she has had enough of the reality competition. If the online polls and surveys are any indication, the die-hard fans would enjoy having Evel Dick Donato back again. A more realistic expectation for the coming Big Brother 19 spoilers, though, is that neither will be in the BB19 cast and that around 12 new houseguests will be joined by four returners through a twist by producers.

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