T.I. Has Spent More Than $100K On Bernice Burgos In A Month, Spoiling Her With Expensive Gifts, Sources Claim

T.I. is spending freely on Bernice Burgos, the 37-year-old model he is rumored to be dating, according to alleged inside sources. T.I. is spending so lavishly on Burgos, spoiling her with all sorts of expensive gifts, that sources close to the rapper fear that the spending spree could spin out of control.

According to Hollywood Life, T.I. has spent more than $100,000 on Burgos in just one month. Sources close to the couple reportedly said that the two are a “match made in heaven.” Bernice Burgos has an expensive taste and T.I. has got money burning a hole in his pocket.

“T.I. is throwing so much money at Bernice to keep her happy and to keep her quiet,” a source familiar with the situation reportedly told Hollywood Life.

“In the past month alone he’s spent more than $100,000. He gives her stacks of cash, jewelry, and now he’s talking about buying her a new car.”

Bernice is making the best of the opportunity afforded by T.I.’s lavish spending.

After T.I. proposed to buy her a new car, Burgos set her sights on the most expensive car she could possibly get, a souped-up Lamborghini like Nicki Minaj’s, according to Hollywood Life. She wants the car to come with gadgetry similar to Minaj’s and a custom paint job, the sources claimed.

But the alleged sources said that despite his apparently reckless spending on Burgos, T.I. knows what he is doing and he is in control of the situation.


“Spoiling her with money and gifts is the only way to keep her happy and loyal because he’s really not around that much for her,” a source said. “He doesn’t want her dating any other guys, but he also doesn’t want her telling anyone his personal businesses either.”

But many fans are convinced that T.I. is spending too much on Bernice and that it does not look like he knows what he is doing.

“A fool and his money… he will need it later… I just don’t like him anymore.”

“What kind of relationship do they have? It’s very clear that Bernice is only about her body and money.”

“T.I. should not forget who stood by him… He should also remember how much money he will have to pay in Child support.”


The sources that reportedly spoke with Hollywood Life also claimed that T.I’s estranged wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, is fuming over the situation. Tiny hates Burgos and is angry that she is milking T.I. This has created a complicated situation for T.I. who, according to the sources, has been struggling to satisfy two women who have done nothing to hide their hatred for each other.

Tiny and Bernice recently has a short but sharp exchange of words on social media after Tiny reportedly called Bernice a “pass around b****.” Burgos responded with a video, denying claims that she was breaking up Tiny and T.I.’s home. She also made it clear that she “ain’t (sic) a pass around bitch.”


“That home had been broken,” Bernice Burgos shot back. “Technically when a person files for divorce it’s saying they’re moving on with their lives and their marriage has failed… never have I ever been passed around.”

Despite fears that T.I’s spending on Burgos could spin out of control, he seems to be confident of his ability to manage the situation.

“[I’m] no longer on bad terms with anyone. I’m declaring it. Dislike me by yourself. I wish you the best.”

Rumors first began swirling early this week that T.I. is dating Burgos, who is believed to have dated Drake a few years back. She and Drake were reportedly caught kissing in Australia back in 2015, according to In Touch Weekly.

Burgos is an entrepreneur who owns a sleepwear line of her own called Beautiful and Bold. She was also arrested in December of 2010 for endangering the welfare of a child.

Hollwyood Life earlier reported that T.I. flew Bernice to L.A. to join his Hustle Gang Tour and has been spoiling her with extravagant shopping sprees.

“T.I. spoiled Bernice,” another source reportedly told Hollywood Life. “He put her up in her own suite, gave her a driver, and shopping money. He even sent she and her daughter to Disneyland for the day. He might not be making things public with Bernice, but he still spoils her, he’s good to her.”

The rumors about T.I. dating Bernice Burgos emerged soon after T.I. and his ex-wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle-Harris, filed for divorce in December of 2016, after six years of marriage and three children together.

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