‘The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers’ For Monday, June 5: Nicole Blasts Maya Over Lizzy, Katie’s Wrath

What does The Bold and the Beautiful have in store for us on Monday, June 5? Spoilers reveal that things have reached a breaking point for many characters as their emotions surface, and their unbridled anger and frustrations are unleashed. Maya will be the recipient of Maya’s unbridled assault, while Quinn will be the target of Katie’s rage.

Monday, June 5 Spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful: Maya Blasts Nicole For Neglecting Lizzy

Nicole (Reign Edwards) is a mother without a child, and she so desperately wants the child she so willingly gave to her trans sister Maya (Karla Mosley). Nicole has recently been told that she cannot have any more children. The irony is that she gave up her only shot at being a mother not too long ago when she was the surrogate mother for her sister Maya who wanted a child with her husband Rick (Jacob Young). Now that Nicole herself is married to Zende (Rome Flynn), the couple wants a child of their own but their hopes have been crushed.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday, June 5 reveal that Nicole is furious that Maya is still preoccupied with her work instead of all her focus being on the baby that Nicole gave her. Maya feels that she was given a dream modeling job that she cannot let slip through her fingers and that for the time being, she wants to juggle both roles as a model and as a mother.

Maya feels lucky that Rick is supporting her in her quest for both career satisfaction and domestic bliss. However, because her time cannot be solely focused on Lizzy, she often needs to find a babysitter for Lizzy. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Rick and Maya feel uncomfortable with leaving Lizzy with Nicole, especially since Lizzy called Nicole “mama” last week. Celeb Dirty Laundry state that the couple is aware of the dilemma Nicole is in because they know first-hand how tough it is to be around children when you cannot conceive. Maya and Rick are also afraid that the bond between Nicole and Lizzy could grow, and that Nicole could grow too attached to their daughter.

On Monday, June 5, Maya will ask Pam (Alley Mills) to look after Lizzy according to the spoilers. The Bold and the Beautiful fans will then see Nicole step in and call Rick to vent against Maya who, to Nicole’s mind, is neglecting Lizzy again. Monday’s preview clip shows Nicole making an angry accusation against Maya to Rick.

“For some reason, Maya has Pam scheduled look after her, which doesn’t make any sense…and if I’m honest, it’s insulting.”

Rick is a devoted dad and he knows when the security of his family is being threatened. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers will tell Maya what Nicole did and that Nicole seems to be angry that Maya is pursuing fame. Rick will also tell Maya that he thinks the real reason that Nicole is upset is that her attention is on her career and not on motherhood and Lizzy.

Could this be the start of the battle for Lizzy between the Avant sisters?

Monday, June 5 Spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful: Katie’s Hellfire Unleashed Against Quinn

Katie (Heather Tom) fancied herself a jewelry designer, but she has come short. Eric (John McCook) will take a close look at Katie’s designs and he will see that they are not to the standard that Forrester Creations expects from their designers. Eric will agree with his wife Quinn’s (Rena Sofer) opinion that they should not be added to the collection.


The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers state that Eric will want to fire Katie. Of course, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Quinn will be hesitant about firing Katie since Katie knows about their affair. If Katie is fired then she will have no reason to stay quiet about their secret. The spoilers of this soap opera indicate that they will urge Eric that the decision to fire her is too drastic, but Eric believes that Katie will be able to handle it. Eric will say that Katie is a rational person.

In fact, Katie is completely irrational when she learns about Eric’s actions according to spoilers. The Bold and the Beautiful sneak peek preview clip shows Katie screaming at Quinn.

“You’re the one who doesn’t belong here! You’re the one who doesn’t deserve to step foot in this building! YOU!”

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