WWE Rumors: YouTuber Shades ‘SmackDown Live’ Star For Standing Her Up On Date, Claims He’s Leaving WWE Soon

Things can often get colorful outside the ring for the “Show-Off,” Dolph Ziggler. And with Trisha Paytas of YouTube fame calling him out for allegedly standing her up on a date, while suggesting that he may be leaving WWE soon, it looks like the SmackDown Live mid-carder is getting some unwanted publicity for his well-documented life away from the squared circle.

In recent months, there haven’t been any other prominent claims that Dolph Ziggler is leaving the WWE. But these rumors have popped up frequently over the years, mainly due to the 36-year-old wrestler’s outspoken nature and willingness to comment on WWE’s creative direction and his perpetual status as a mid-card talent despite arguably being one of the company’s most talented performers. His dating history has also been a hot topic among fans, as he’s been in relationships with the likes of Amy Schumer, as the comedian herself confirmed in a 2012 interview on the Howard Stern Show.

Apparently, Dolph Ziggler and Trisha Paytas have been dating as of late, as the 29-year-old YouTube personality took to her channel on Thursday to out Ziggler (warning: NSFW language) as another one of the “celebrity f**kboys” she’s had sexual relationships with. In quotes published by Wrestling Inc., Paytas didn’t waste time in telling Dolph to man up for his actions, admitting that she and the wrestler had first dated sometime last year, but adding she doesn’t remember much about their alleged fling.

“I don’t really remember much of it, so when I say it was the best sex ever, I was f**king high and on drugs, so was it really even? If I can’t even remember it, then it wasn’t the best sex ever.”

After that encounter, Dolph Ziggler and Trisha Paytas kept in constant communication, and on the last Thursday of May, the two had supposedly made arrangements to go on a date. Trisha didn’t skimp on the intimate details of how she prepared for the encounter and added that she canceled a date she had with another man, while repeatedly warning Dolph not to flake. Unfortunately, that was exactly what Ziggler allegedly did, as Paytas claimed the SmackDown Live mainstay gave the excuse of being “old” and not feeling too well. Ziggler tried to reschedule the date, but that wasn’t alright with Paytas, who had a “minor meltdown,” as she claims to have gotten a similar runaround from another wrestler in the past.

Trisha Paytas in 2013, with actor Dan Cortese. [Image by Diane Bondareff/Invision/AP Images]

It was at this point in the video where Trisha Paytas began to unload on wrestling fans, calling the sport “fake” and accusing wrestlers of believing that what they do is real.

“I don’t know what it is about wrestlers, they have these big f**king heads. Wrestling’s f**ing fake, but all the fans of this wrestling fake bulls**t think it’s real and think he’s a god, and he starts thinking this s**t too. That’s what these wrestlers do.”

All things considered, Dolph Ziggler and Trisha Paytas seemed to have a solid friendship before the alleged incident, as the YouTuber described Dolph as being polite, respectful, and sweet. But she feels that Ziggler had disrespected her time, which she believes serves as a warning to other women who may get involved with “traditionally good-looking” and financially-stable celebrities.

As for Dolph Ziggler leaving the WWE soon, Paytas made this claim toward the end of her video, misidentifying his age (Ziggler, aka Nick Nemeth in real life, turns 37 in July) and again chiding fans for watching a sport whose results are known and accepted to be predetermined.

“For all of you wrestling fans, wrestling is f**king fake. This man is a 37-year-old man [and] not a God who is f**king leaving wrestling soon anyways.”


Dolph Ziggler has yet to comment on Trisha Paytas’ allegations, but as Sportskeeda noted, he appears to be focusing mainly on the ongoing NBA Finals and rooting for his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers. A more recent tweet has him talking about a “great day” on an unspecified set and working alongside his brother Ryan Nemeth, who was previously known as WWE developmental talent Briley Pierce.

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