'The White Princess' Episode 8: Four Things You Need To Know Before The Finale

The White Princess finale is almost here. Episode 8 is the season finale of Starz's The White Princess. Here is hoping there will be a Season 2, so it is not the series finale. As was previously opined on the Inquisitr, The White Princess' penultimate episode forever altered the White Princess universe as viewers knew it.

Here is Starz's synopsis for The White Princess Episode 8 via their official site.

"A final confrontation with the pretender exposes King Henry's weaknesses, while Lizzie confronts new demons and old curses."
In Episode 7, Lizzie made some bold moves to maintain her husband's reign, and they might have come at her own brother's expense. After seven episodes, it might be hard to remember the major plot points that have brought The White Princess to its explosive final chapter. So here is a list of four things you need to know to be prepared for The White Princess season finale.

No. 1: Evidence on The White Princess indicates "The Boy" is probably Richard.

As previously analyzed on the Inquisitr, most of the clues from The White Princess indicate the young man commonly referred to as "The Boy" might be Lizzie's long-lost brother, Richard, after all. After being brutally beaten by Henry in The White Princess Episode 7, Lizzie arranged for a diversion so "Richard" (Patrick Gibson) and his wife, Cathy (Amy Manson), could escape.

Lizzie had hoped to fake his death in a fire she set to kill two birds with one stone: spare her brother a grim fate and save her husband's claim for the throne. It seemed as though "Richard" would agree to it.

As Lizzie and Cathy pretended to look on in horror at "The Boy's" supposed grave in the inferno, he shockingly emerged from the flames re-proclaiming his birthright as the true King of England. With that, The White Princess ended on a fiery cliffhanger that blazed the trail for a fateful finale.

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No. 2: In The White Princess Episode 7, "Richard" and Cathy's son was taken by Margaret and likely murdered.

When Cathy arrived at English court with hers and "Richard's" newborn son, she was quickly met by Margaret, who instructed Cathy's son to be taken away from her so he could be nursed. Cathy valiantly fought to keep her son and pleaded with Lizzie, but it was to no avail. For the rest of The White Princess Episode 7, Cathy tries to reunite with her son.

In a disturbing scene from The White Princess Episode 7, Margaret and Lizzie are shown in a nursery with the baby. Margaret makes a menacing veiled threat against "Richard's" son. It is unclear what happens to him after that.

In the final minutes of The White Princess Episode 7, Lizzie promises to send the baby to his parents when "Richard" and Cathy have safely arrived in a sanctuary far away. Does Lizzie really know where the baby is? Was she able to save him from Margaret?

Or was she bluffing to get Richard and Cathy to go along with her plan? Given that Richard opts to maintain his claim to the throne, it would seem he does not believe his sister can restore his son.

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No. 3: Henry is losing it on The White Princess.

When "The Boy" arrives at court and Henry sees him in person, he is clearly unnerved. Throughout The White Princess Episode 7, Henry exhibits strong paranoia and undertakes one desperate measure after another in order to break "The Boy." He shoots an arrow near "Richard" when they are on a hunting trip and pursues Cathy as his unwilling mistress.

Thanks in large part to Cathy's encouragement, "The Boy" remains unbroken, further unraveling Henry's psyche. By the end of The White Princess Episode 7, Henry becomes convinced that "The Boy" has poisoned his wardrobe and assaults him mercilessly. Hence, "Richard's" injuries when Lizzie tries to get him to escape.

No. 4: Henry and Lizzie's marriage has taken a hit after The White Princess Episode 7.

When The White Princess Episode 8 begins, Lizzie and Henry are both keeping secrets from each other, but Lizzie knows more about Henry's than he thinks she does. Even if she cannot say the words, Lizzie is torn between "The Boy" she is pretty convinced is her brother and her husband. For his part, Henry appears to have major doubts about who she will choose in the end.

Is Lizzie a York princess or a Tudor queen? Find out in the White Princess season finale. The White Princess Episode 8 airs this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.

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