‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Spoilers: Sansa Could Be The Next Cersei

Game of Thrones spoilers are revealing that one character could be changing drastically in Season 7. Actress Sophie Turner recently spoke out what lies ahead for her character, Sansa Stark, in the remaining episodes of the series, and the star is hinting at some pretty alarming storylines.

According to Hollywood Life, Sophie Turner thinks that her Game of Thrones character could soon be headed toward the dark side. Turner says that there are some very eerie similarities between Sansa and the newly crowned queen, Cersei Lannister. The actress claims that the two characters are so alike that she believes Sansa may start to become much like Cersei, whom she hates.

“I can totally see her becoming a Cersei and kind of driven mad by it, by the threats against her family,” Sophie said in the interview. “If that means becoming like a ruthless killer, leader, sadistic woman or evil lady, then so be it. I don’t think it matters to her, and I can see Sansa swinging that way too,” Sophie revealed, adding that both characters are very “family-obsessed” and “family oriented.”

As Game of Thrones viewers know, Sansa and Cersei have both lost nearly everyone they love. Sansa has seen both of her parents, as well as her brothers Rob and Rickon Stark, die. She also hasn’t laid eyes on her sister, Arya, in years. The only family Sansa really has left is Jon Snow, who has recently been named the King in the North.

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Cersei has also lost every she’s loved. The newly appointed queen of Westeros has lost her husband, father, and all three of her children, Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella. She also has a brother, Tyrion, to whom she hasn’t spoken in a very long time. However, she doesn’t seem to care about him. Cersei does still have her favorite family member, brother Jaime Lannister, who, as Game of Thrones fans know, she has a very close relationship with.

Although Sansa hasn’t done anything purely evil like Cersei has, she did have a moment where she absolutely seemed to love watching Ramsay Bolton be torn apart by his own dogs. However, Sansa had good reason to rejoice in Ramsay’s death. She was forced to marry Ramsay, who raped her, imprisoned her, and killed her youngest brother, Rickon. Sansa is responsible for at least one death, but she still doesn’t have anything on Cersei, who exploded half of King’s Landing in the Game of Thrones Season 6 finale.

However, some Game of Thrones fans believe that if Sansa continues a relationship with Petyer Baelish (aka Littlefinger), the two could find themselves causing trouble that Littlefinger may have to pay for. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a new Stark family photo features Arya Star wearing a dagger that is very similar to that of Petyr Baelish’s blade.

Is it possible that Arya will kill Littlefinger during Season 7 of Game of Thrones? Arya has become a very skilled assassin, and now that she has learned how to hide her face behind that of her victim’s, she is more dangerous than ever. However, more than one person has a reason to want to kill Littlefinger. In the newly released Season 7 trailer, it seems Jon Snow will get angry with Baelish in the Stark family crypt. They two engage in an altercation that turns violent, hinting that Littlefinger is up to no good in the upcoming episodes.

What are your thoughts on the latest Game of Thrones Season 7 spoilers? Do you think Sansa Stark will become like Cersei Lannister?

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