LeAnn Rimes Pills Allegation: Singer Lets Brandi Glanville’s Son Find, Eat Laxative

LeAnn Rimes keeps laxative pills in her purse, allowing her step-child to find and eat one by accident, the boy’s mother claims.

Brandi Glanville is claiming that her son was sickened when he accidentally ate a pill that LeAnn Rimes had and grew ill.

Glanville, who is the wife Eddie Cibrian cheated on with Rimes, told Us Weekly:

“I, unfortunately, don’t find her to be stable and I don’t want her around my kids when Eddie’s not there — or at least the nanny, his parents, someone. Mason, my eldest, ate some of Le’s candies and got extremely ill. And Le’s candies are laxatives. It was a big f–king deal for me, and I lost my mind.”

“She has one in every purse. Mason found on on the floor and thought it was a Skittle! They don’t keep sugar in the house. He thought he finally found candy.”

A representative for the singer shot down the LeAnn Rimes pills allegation, saying it was “more inaccuracies and half-truths.”

The feud between LeAnn Rimes and Bradi Glanville dates back to 2009 when the country singer’s affair with Cibrian ended his marriage. Animosity boiled over last week when Glanville criticized Rimes’ parenting skills after LeAnn posted pictures to Twitter of the boys riding bikes without helmets, Jam! Showbiz notes.

Cibrian stood behind his wife, blasting Glanville for making the LeAnn Rimes pill allegation. “It is absolutely ridiculous that my ex-wife continues to put the personal lives of myself, LeAnn, our sons and my family on public display for the sake of her notoriety,” he told Us Weekly.