‘Little Women: LA’ Star Christy Gibel Defends Racy ‘M-Word’ Tape, Accuses Terra Of Hypocrisy: Jole Fires Back

After Terra Jole discovered a video featuring her Little Women: LA co-star, Christy Gibel, starring in a racy music video, in which she repeatedly refers to herself as a “midget,” Christy has responded that she has no apologies for featuring in the video or for using the “M-word,” which is considered offensive when used in reference to little people. According to the Little Women: LA star, she took the gig because she needed the money at a time before she found fame on reality TV.

However, after Gibel discovered a clip on YouTube titled “Bar Fight Scene Ft. Midgets,” in which Jole starred, she accused Jole of hypocrisy. But Jole has responded in a piece published in People magazine, explaining that the YouTube clip was from a movie titled Jackass 3D, and the original movie did not use the word “midget.”

When Jole revealed Christy’s raunchy, M-word-riddled video in last week’s episode of Little Women: LA, a source close to Christy admitted that she “definitely never wanted [the video] to surface.”

The video, released in 2013, titled “Just Not Tall Enough,” is described on YouTube (see below) as a spoof of The Black Eyed Peas’ “Just Can’t Get Enough.”

Christy Gibel is shown dressed provocatively and repeating the word “midget” multiple times as she lip syncs. The word is widely considered a pejorative term when used in reference to little people, also known as dwarfs. Many members of the community of little people were shocked to see Christy using the word repeatedly in the video.

“I’m a m*****, but m*****s still need love,” says Christy as she lip syncs to the melody of the Black Eyed Peas’ “Just Can’t Get Enough.” The 39-year-old Lifetime star is shown moving seductively on a piano in a sexy black dress and high-heels.

“I’m not getting taller and that will never change, I’m a m***** and I just need love,” she sings.

Later in the video, Christy is shown wearing a men’s button-down shirt. She sits on a bed with comedian Brian Hooks and licks his face. She then climbs over him and caresses him all over the body.

“She definitely never wanted that video to surface.”

Radar Online reported that a source close to Gibel said that she took the gig because she needed the money at a time before she became famous as a reality TV star. Christy admitted in a post to Instagram that appearing in the video was a “mistake.”


In this week’s episode of Little Women: LA, Christy defended herself. She told her friend, Tonya Banks, that she took the job because she needed to feed her family.

“That was years ago!” she said, insisting the many little people are forced to take similar jobs to feed their families.

“We’ve all dressed in Oompa Loompa… What you do to feed your family, it’s my business!”

However, since 2013 when she featured in the video, Christy has achieved a lot. Besides finding fame on reality TV, she was able to overcome years of alcohol abuse. She was also able to escape from an abusive relationship to start a new life with her husband, Todd Gibel. But she has not been able to find a solution to the problem of infertility. Christy and Todd are reportedly planning to adopt a baby.

Banks admitted that she was the one who showed Jole the video. Jole played the video at her daughter Penelope’s second birthday and criticized Gibel for starring in it.

However, Christy forgave Banks for showing the video to Jole. But she attacked Jole and accused her of hypocrisy, saying that she has also taken similar gigs in the past.

“I love how Terra thinks she’s the patron saint of all little people. Come on, b****. You’ve been in m***** bar fights on Jackass, you’ve been in a movie with a m***** on it, you dressed up as an elf, but you think my video was worse than all over that.”

Radar Online featured the video that appeared to show that Gibel was right when she accused Jole of hypocrisy. The YouTube clip, titled “Bar Fight Scene ft. Midgets,” was taken from Johnny Knoxville’s 2010 film Jackass 3D.

Jole has responded to Gibel and defended herself, saying that the movie Jackass 3D never used the word “midget.” She explained in a response published on People that it was a “bunch of ignorant people” who posted the scene to YouTube and titled it using the word “midget.”

Jole also explained that she once did a movie titled A Tribute to Big Red, but the makers later changed the name to Midgets vs. Mascots without seeking her consent or the consent of other actors in the movie.

She also said she was proud that she once played an elf. She said that playing elf was different from Gibel’s video, in which she ridiculed her own physical disability.

“I wasn’t making fun of my physical disability, nor was I ever offended by the role,” she said. “The word ‘midget’ is extremely offensive to me and I will always stand up for what I believe in.”

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