Lisa Kudrow: Sexist Secrets From The Set Of ‘Friends’ And ‘Romy And Michele’

As it turns out, the set of Friends wasn’t so friendly after all, and Lisa Kudrow’s Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion wasn’t really about fierce female friendship.

Lisa Kudrow revealed two disgusting sexist incidents that occurred on the set of Friends and Romy and Michele in the 90s. And fans cannot but wonder why has she kept it under wraps all these years.

From looking “f***able” on Friends and “not bashing” men on Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, Lisa Kudrow has quite a history of sexism!

During May’s roundtable discussion celebrating Romy and Michele’s 20th birthday with The Huffington Post, Lisa Kudrow recalled a subtle form of sexism she encountered while promoting the 1997 film on TV.

Lisa Kudrow revealed how one male talk show host – without naming any names – managed to make the actress uncomfortably by throwing in a pretty sexist remark.

The unnamed TV talk show host told Lisa Kudrow at the time that he liked Romy and Michele “because it wasn’t bashing men.”

Lisa Kudrow was kind of furious over such a comment, thinking to herself, “Well, that’s great, except no one was talking about men.”

“It’s about two girls. How did you insert yourself into this? We weren’t talking about men.”

So instead of opting to say that he liked Romy and Michele because it was super funny, well-written, or featured a talented cast, the unnamed talk show host praised the film for “not bashing” men?

However, unfortunately for Lisa Kudrow, that wasn’t the only sexist remark she has heard in the 90s. In March, the 53-year-old actress revealed how one of Friends‘ guest stars had his sexism-meter reach extreme heights when he told the actress she only looked “f***able” after she had her hair and makeup professionally done.

Speaking on Watch What Happens Live, Lisa Kudrow opened up about the disturbingly sexist remark from one of the male Friends guest stars. The actress, once again, did not name any names – and it would be quite challenging for any Friends fan to identify the sexist actor as the iconic sitcom bustled with male guest stars, including Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, and Paul Rudd.

Lisa Kudrow recalled the sexist remark heard on the set of Friends when the camera wasn’t rolling when a Watch What Happens Live viewer asked the actress to reveal the worst behavior she witnessed from a guest star on the NBC sitcom, according to the Elite Daily.

And apparently that sexist remark from the unnamed guest star was by far the worst thing she ever heard on the set of Friends.

Lisa Kudrow explained that she had been rehearsing without makeup most of the week, and then on show night she had her makeup and hair professionally done. And that’s when the guest star – with probably that dumb “Will-you-be-mine-tonight?” look on his face – told her, “Oh wow… Now you’re f***able!”

While clearly no one was asking for his opinion, Lisa Kudrow has remembered the remark to this very day. And the actress acted all cool about it apparently, as when asked if she responded to the sexist remark, she just said she commiserated with Matt LeBlanc about the ordeal later.

It’s also unclear if that male Friends guest star was able to survive in the movie industry with his disturbingly high level of sexism – he could be scrubbing the floors in restrooms at some joint now or, vice versa, he could be one of those super-popular male movie stars that women are swooning over.

No one will be able to tell how far the sexist actor has advanced in his career – not until Lisa Kudrow reveals his name.

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