Pink Reveals Her ‘Push Present’ After Second Baby, Shares Pic Of Husband In Tiny Swimsuit

Pink may have just given birth to son Jameson, but it doesn’t mean she isn’t ready to fly through the city on her new bike!

Receiving a “push present” after giving birth is becoming a popular alternative to receiving post-partum flowers, and Pink’s husband Carey Hart got in on the trend by gifting the mother-of-two a roaring monster made of heavy metal and carbon-fiber and chrome.

Pink now has more reason to gush about her husband Carey Hart, as his push present wasn’t the ordinary jewelry or gift card for a massage session post-baby gift, it was a stylish new bike. It’s not pink though, it’s khaki and black.

Pink documented her push present from husband Carey Hart on Instagram, sharing a picture of herself standing next to the heavy metal beauty.

In the caption to the photo, Pink thanked her husband Carey Hart, with whom she shared son Jameson, five-months-old, and six-year-old daughter, Willow, for the push present.

Pink wrote that “some girls like diamonds, I like heavy metal and carbon-fiber and chrome.” No doubt about that! Though Pink’s husband Carey Hart may want to be careful from now on, as his wife also wrote, “I give you babies and you build me motorcycles.”

After all, this expensive push present might spoil Pink and trick her into thinking that every time she delivers a baby for her husband Carey Hart, he’ll be giving her a new bike for each baby. Ouch!

So Pink’s husband may have just given a reason for the “Just Give Me a Reason” singer to have more babies for years to come! It’s also convenient that Carey Hart is a motocross racer.

The “Perfect” hitmaker is really leading a perfect lifestyle. In addition to accepting bikes in the form of a push present, Pink also gets to live with a man who isn’t shy about wearing itty-bitty swim bottoms.

Pink’s husband and the “So What” singer recently went on a camping trip with friends, and both Pink and their friends witnessed Carey Hart walking around in a tiny swimsuit.

Among other things, Carey Hart’s thumbs are seen sticking out in the Instagram photo shared by Pink on Sunday.

In the photo, Pink’s husband is seen giving a double thumbs up as he poses for a photo flaunting his inked body and itty-bitty swim bottoms.

While such an outfit certainly allowed Carey Hart to tan to the fullest (with a tiny exception), Pink’s husband and the 37-year-old singer also took their two children on the camping trip.

While it’s unclear if Pink’s husband encouraged Pink to take her push present along on their camping trip, Carey Hart, his wife, children and friends certainly had a great time, judging by a collage from the fun camping trip shared by Pink (the bike is nowhere to be seen in any of the nine photos).

In addition to camping trips with her husband Carey Hart, Pink is seen regularly sweating off in the gym to get her pre-baby body back. But, for Pink, her exercise regime is more about feeling good than looking good.

Last month, Pink shared a snap of her working out in the gym a little more than four months after giving birth to son Jameson.

In the caption to the photo, Pink reveals that while she still has some post-baby body weight to lose to get back to her pre-baby shape, she’s not worried about it at all.

Telling her 1.8 million followers that she doesn’t “feel obese,” Pink wrote that “the only thing I’m feeling is myself” and encouraged the female half of her followers to “stay off that scale.”

[Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]