‘DOOL’ Spoilers: Who’s Behind Eli’s Shocking Mystery?

Days of Our Lives spoilers are in and it looks like we have some shocking news in store for all of you DOOL fans. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, danger is waiting in the wings when it comes to Eli’s fate.

Spoilers suggest that once Sonny goes to Greece with the group, they’re placed on a remote island. Of course, their loved ones back in Salem have no clue about their dire situation. Being the heroes Sonny and Chad will try to lessen everyone’s fears and tell them that everything will work out for the best even though no one is aware that they’re missing.

According to spoilers, the two men are banking on Hope to start a search for the group, but as the Inquisitr reported, she might be a little preoccupied trying to pin Deimos’ involvement to the powerful Halo drug.

Days of Our Lives spoilers state that Paul, Lani, JJ, and Eli will try to uplift spirits and keep hope alive that they will be found safely. However, not everyone involved has such optimism over their situation. Gabi is at her wits end about their predicament and will continue to freak out.

Who could blame Gabi? We know she’s been through the ringer in recent months. As Days of Our Lives fans know, she was kidnapped by Deimos, so she’s probably still reeling from that scary incident. It’s a wonder that Chad, who was kidnapped with her, could be so positive. Despite however distressing it is to see Gabi freak out, that’s not the most horrific problem they’re dealing with on Days of Our Lives.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Eli will go missing from the group. What does this mean? Is he in danger? Well, it’s assumed that the longer he’s missing the graver everything will be. After all, the group stumbles upon a skull which doesn’t make matters better for their chances of survival. Once Eli goes missing, the group starts to panic about their fate, especially their friend. Despite putting their heads together, spoilers state that they’re going to have a hard time finding Eli. The group splits up to look for him which also puts everyone at risk for disappearing.

Due to Eli’s disappearance, Paul will put his life on the line. Sonny is worried about Paul and what this might mean for his fate as well.

Days of Our Lives spoilers also explain that Chad and Gabi might reignite their flame once again. At the other end of the group, the former couple is confiding in each other during their perilous situation. As you might guess, Gabi’s vulnerability tugs at Chad’s heartstrings and the two share a passionate kiss. We thought this relationship was done, but it seems like when they’re in dangerous situations together, they throw all caution to the wind and let their passion speak for itself.

While we don’t know if this means their relationship is back on, it may add more conflicting feelings on Chad’s end. As Days of Our Lives fans are aware, he’s still trying to piece together what happened with Abigail. Even if this kiss is something that happens because of their dire situation, if they survive this island, it will give him a lot to think about.

What do you think about the recent Days of Our Lives spoilers?

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