Prince Andrew Now QEII’s Plus One: Does This Mean Eugenie and Beatrice Will Soon Have Royal Privileges Again?

When Prince Philip made the announcement that he was going to step away from a public life, many wondered if Queen Elizabeth was going to go to her events alone. Although she recently visited with victims of the Manchester bombing on her own, she now has a plus one to mark off on every invitation–her second son, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. Could this possibly mean that the standoff in the royal family on whether “blood princesses” Eugenie and Beatrice will finally regain their royal privileges again be reopened? How did Kate Middleton get in the middle of this royal tug of war?

In October, Inquisitr reported that Prince Andrew wrote a sharply worded letter to his mother, the Queen of England, imploring her to once again put his two daughters, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, back on the royal payroll. He called them the two “blood princesses,” hinting that they deserved the same royal treatment as Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, a commoner who married into royalty. Nearly seven years ago, his daughters were cut off from the royal fold and he has been pushing to bring them back.

The shocked queen had deferred the missive to the heir apparent, Prince Charles, who shot down any sort of idea of adding his two nieces back onto the royal payroll. Charles is quite concerned that if there are too many on the payroll after his mother is gone, there may be a movement to remove the royal family, and discontinue the public funding. He wants a streamlined royal family that includes his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William, Duchess Catherine, Prince Harry, and, presumably, whomever Harry marries, which at this time appears to be Meghan Markle.

It will be nearly two decades before Prince George and Princess Charlotte, let alone any children Harry should have, should begin any sort of public service. At that point, Charles, should he be alive, will be in his late 80s, and most likely holding reduced engagements like his father.

Yet, the Queen seems to believe that there is way too much work to be done for such a small group. One source has claimed that she wants to see her two granddaughters involved with the royal family, and getting royal perks.

Is this a new battle? No. In 2012, the girls lost their bodyguards. In 2013, Charles demanded that Andrew pay rent for their flat in St. Jame’s Palace. Yet, according to The Daily Beast, the Queen made some of her own adjustments. She issued a revised order of precedence notice, which means that Kate Middleton must curtsy to the “blood princesses.” She has also had the girls spend Christmas with her at Sandringham.

Why is there so much animosity? There is no doubt that when Sarah Ferguson was married to Prince Andrew, and her beach behavior with another man was quite the scandal. A few years ago, she was filmed asking for thousands of dollars in exchange for access to her ex-husband, Andrew. Andrew has had his own scandals, besides dating porn star Koo Stark, before his marriage. He also lost a prestigious position a few years back, because of his close personal relationship with American billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted as a child sex offender.

All of these Andrew and Fergie stories had filled the tabloid headlines, and tarnished the reputation of the royal family. Yet, neither Beatrice nor Eugenie have acted in any sort of apprehensible way. It is unfortunate for them that they appear to be paying for the sins of their parents.

Now, the Queen has chosen her second son to become her plus one. The Daily Mail has reported that Prince Andrew has now stepped into the streamlined “Team Windsor.” They report that some claim that this is part of the “rehabilitation” of wild Prince Andrew. Nonetheless, the belief is that there is now a shift at Buckingham Palace. A spokesperson from Buckingham Palace has confirmed that Andrew is indeed going to be at his mother’s side for some important gatherings.

“Prince Andrew will be doing more high-profile engagements and has already stepped in to accompany the Queen on a number of occasions.”

As of now, those who the publication spoke to do not believe that the blood princesses will be on the royal payroll again, and have pointed out that they are both working women. Yet, perhaps with Prince Andrew close to his mother at so many events, he could bend her ear a bit and convince her to override Charles and get the two young women back into the royal fold. Perhaps most of all, based on her previous actions, this is something that the Queen is quite open to changing, in order to favor Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

What are your thoughts about the blood princesses? Do you think Eugenie and Beatrice should get full royal privileges? Do you think that the royal family is still meaningful in this modern day? As always, share your comments and feelings below!

[Featured Image by Hannah McKay WPA Pool/Getty Images]