Ludacris To Host ‘Fear Factor’ Revival: Contestants Face Disgusting And Frightening New Challenges

If contestants can conquer their fear and disgust over the stunts and challenges they must face, then they stand a good chance of winning the $50,000 prize on Fear Factor. According to the Futon Critic, Fear Factor will be hosted by Ludacris and the uses the same basic format of four teams. Challenges will draw from current elements of pop culture, which includes horror movies, urban legends, and viral videos, which could make for some interesting (albeit disgusting) viewing.

“MTV is about celebrating youth culture, and with the reinvented Fear Factor, we are putting the power in our audience’s hands to face and overcome their biggest fears,” stated Chris McCarthy, president of MTV, VH1, and Logo, on MTV’s Fear Factor page.

USA Today shared that the 12-episode season of Fear Factor promises to deliver plenty of stomach-turning, disgusting challenges with names such as “Roach-ella” and “Trap Queen.” A Fear Factor trailer reveals contestants facing various challenges, and many of them involve up close and personal contact with reptiles and insects. There will be difficult and frightening stunts to perform as well, and the network describes one of the stunts as a task that requires teams to retrieve “personal cell phone rescues at heights of over 100 feet.” The team that can push through their fear and trepidation in order to complete these tough new challenges will walk away with the prize.

Ludacris stated that he is looking forward to watching the teams, which on this season of Fear Factor are made up of siblings, college rivals, roommates, best friends, co-workers, and more, as they compete against each other for the cash.

“I am excited to kick off my partnership with MTV, starting with the relaunch of Fear Factor, which will be even more insane and ludicrous than what you remember,” says the rapper/actor who, as many fans know, played Tej Parker in the hit Fast and the Furious film series. “This will be the first of many great projects together.”

For those unfamiliar with Fear Factor, the series originally aired from 2001 to 2006 on NBC and was hosted by Joe Rogan. The basic format eventually evolved into four teams of two people, and if a team backed out of a challenge or had the worst performance, they could be eliminated from the competition. On this season, the first episode of Fear Factor is titled “Ice Is Thicker Than Water,” and the teams are comprised of siblings. First, they must conquer any fears they may have of cockroaches, and then later they will be spending time in a morgue. There will be even more to face when they must try to overcome any fears they having in regard to being trapped under ice with only a small breathing spot available.

Other rules stated that if only one team was able to complete the first or second challenges or stunts, they would automatically be awarded $25,000. Other contestants eliminated in the stunt along with the winner of the stunt would return for the next stunt so they could compete for the remaining $25,000. If no one successfully completed the first or the second stunt, then all of the teams that were eliminated in a particular stunt would return to compete in the next challenge or stunt to determine who would win the remaining $25,000. At this time, it remains to be seen if the former rules will apply to the new Fear Factor challenges.

If watching people eat spiders, bath in cow’s blood, or lie in a pit of rats sounds fascinating, then Fear Factor is the show for you. Will you be checking out Fear Factor? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions concerning Fear Factor below. Fear Factor premieres on Tuesday, May 30 at 10 p.m. ET on the MTV channel.

[Featured Image by MTV Channel]