‘Southern Charm’ Thomas Ravenel On Gag Order With Kathryn Dennis, Hints At Relationship With A Nurse

Some Southern Charm viewers may have noticed that unlike previous seasons, ex-lovers Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis have pretty much refrained from bashing one another on social media and in media interviews during the airing of the current fourth season. Have the two finally put their differences and hard feelings aside and established an amicable relationship for the good of their two children, daughter Kensie and son St. Julien? As it turns out, Thomas and Kathryn have been ordered to not talk ill about one another by the court.

During an interview with Quintin Washington for Quintin’s Close-Ups, Thomas revealed that he and Kathryn are currently under a gag order to not disparage one another. During the long interview, Thomas also talked about whether he thinks Kathryn was sincere in her apology to him, her opinion that he doesn’t think he deserves a great woman, what he’s looking for in a relationship, and the current season of Southern Charm.

The interviewer brought up the scene from a recent episode when Thomas talked to his friend JD Madison about a letter that he received from Kathryn in which she apologized for what happened between them and expressed a desire to establish a good co-parenting relationship for the sake of their children. Thomas told JD that he wasn’t sure if Kathryn was sincere and genuine or if she was just trying to manipulate him again.

The interviewer read out a People headline about that scene, “Kathryn Dennis Apologizes for Custody Battle with Thomas Ravenel & Wants to Give Her Ex a ‘Big Hug,”’ and asked Thomas what he thought when he read that. Thomas laughed and suggested that Kathryn did the letter just for the show. Still with a smile on his face, Thomas called his relationship with Kathryn “complicated” and revealed that they’re under a gag order to not disparage the other publicly.

“Yeah maybe just like me she’s trying to get the ratings up. I don’t know. You know, it’s been a complicated relationship with her and we’re on a gag order, you know court gag order, to not disparage the other person so I’m just gonna have to..”

Thomas Ravenel also revealed that he now declines to engage in negativity with Kathryn Dennis, choosing instead to just keep smiling. He pointed out that on the season 3 reunion show, he sat back and stayed silent even when Kathryn made accusations against him.

“A friend of mine gave me advice…I said, ‘Well if Kathryn says X, Y and Z and it’s all false, you know, but I can’t engage her or even tell the truth about her when she’s throwing [stuff],’ and he said, ‘Just handle it the way I handle my sisters…when they argue with me…I just smile and wait for the moment to pass.’ And that’s what I did, at the last reunion, when she would say X, Y and Z, I’d smile and I’d wait for the moment to pass. It’s great advice.”

Thomas commented on how the lessened animosity between him and Kathryn on the current season has meant a more enjoyable and relaxed one for him.

“It’s a lot less pressurized. First couple of seasons I felt, you know, the weight of the show were on my shoulders and Kathryn’s because we were going through real-life drama, and it’s very stressful, and if you watch this season, I have people say, ‘You just look better’…cause I slept the night better, I wasn’t dealing with so much stress. It’s actually been kind of fun. I’m not even a main character. I’ve gotten a lot less screen time. You know they’ll have some snippets of me. They’ve got some story lines that are very, compared with what I was dealing with three years ago, are very mild in terms of stressing me out. You know they’re funny story lines. They’re not real life, life-long type issues.”

So what’s in the future for Thomas and Kathryn? It doesn’t seem as if a romantic relationship is in the cards. During the interview, Thomas, making no mention of a romantic reconciliation with Kathryn, said that he wants to find a woman who has her life and priorities in order and shares the same values and goals as him. Yet Thomas did agree with Kathryn’s assessment, made during a confessional interview that was shown on last week’s episode, that he sabotages himself when it comes to romantic relationships.

“I think Kathryn said it on the last show, I didn’t feel worthy. I had a Down syndrome brother and he got all the love and I didn’t think I was worthy of a really good woman, and I think I sell myself short in a lot of situations. My goal is to share my life with somebody. I want it to be somebody solid.”


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Landon Clements recently claimed that Thomas is dating a nurse from California and even gave her opinion that he would be foolish not to marry her. During the interview with Quintin, Thomas didn’t say that he was dating anyone but did bring up a nurse, saying how much he admired he, several times during the interview. In his conversation about what he wants in a woman, Thomas again brought up the nurse.

“I was talking to this nurse. She’s a giver…Very selfless.”

Perhaps Thomas Ravenel will reveal the status of his involvement with the nurse on the Southern Charm season 4 reunion show? Until then, viewers will continue watching Thomas and Kathryn Dennis attempt to establish a good co-parenting relationship and perhaps even become friends. A preview for the next episode shows Kathryn showing up as a guest to St. Julien’s first birthday party. Upon seeing one another for the first time in a while, Kathryn and Thomas awkwardly greet one another and make some polite chit chat.

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