'Return to Amish': Jeremiah Raber Admits To Hurting His Wife, Wants To Fix Marriage

In the recent episode of Return to Amish, Carmela Mendez left her husband, Jeremiah Raber, after a heated argument. By the end of the episode, Carmela returned to Jeremiah, feeling that her husband is finally ready to listen to her. But just last month, Raber was arrested for domestic violence.

Jeremiah issues public apology

In Return to Amish Season 4 Episode 5, Jeremiah expressed he wants to fix his marriage with Carmela and that they both want to go to counseling to better their relationship. The show was filmed a couple of months ago, but it looks like the trouble is not yet over, as Raber was recently arrested for reportedly hurting his wife. He even issued a public apology, which confirms that his actions went overboard.

A week after the incident, Raber wrote the following on Facebook.

"Please allow me to apologize for what I did last week. My behavior was extremely inappropriate, immature, and lacked the respect she deserved. It was a very bad idea to do what I did.

"It was embarrassing, and I learned that she didn't deserve my poor behavior. In the future, I have every intention of curbing my thoughtless actions and learn to adjust my behavior befitting the environment and situation. I'm going to go thru personal counseling to better me an the marriage.

"Again, I am sorry for my actions and I hope that we can put this matter behind us. I look forward to be an inspiration to others dealing with the same issues."

After that, it was announced that the Return to Amish star decided to stay away from social media for a while to focus on himself. He asked fans and commenters to avoid negativity as he tries to deal with his personal issues and requested for continued support and encouragement instead. While there seems to be an admin person for his Facebook page, Jeremiah has been active on Twitter lately.

There are still negative comments about him on Twitter, but the reality star said, "Say what you want. Only forgiveness I needed was Carmela's. Your opinions don't matter to me."

Carmela threatened and assaulted

When Carmela left Jeremiah as shown in last Sunday's episode of Return to Amish, it was because Mendez felt she was alone in trying to get pregnant and that her husband was not paying attention to her. He's been focused on the house they just bought, which needed a lot of repairs.

However, after the recent event that led to Jeremiah's arrest, Carmela claimed that her husband "strikes her on a daily basis," as reported by Radar Online. She told the police officers that Raber has threatened to harm her several times and even showed them her bruises on legs and arms.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah said things are not all his fault and that his wife also shared the blame.

He told Radar Online, "This is not a one-way street. It goes both ways and I have the evidence to prove it and it will be released soon enough."

It seems that the couple remains separated for now, after Carmela deleted her previous post that said, "Stayin doing what i have to to get right," according to Starcasm.

Jeremiah and Carmela had been married for a little over a year now. Carmela is Jeremiah's second wife. She was also married previously, with four children from a previous relationship. The Return to Amish couple has been through several ups and down during their first year. Will they be able to fix things and get back together?

Return to Amish Season 4 airs every Sunday at 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. on TLC.

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