Kate Mansi Talks About 'Mother Of All Secrets', Reveals She Had To Wear Fake Baby Bump In Bermuda

Kate Mansi is involved in several different projects this year, including a new movie called Mother Of All Secrets. On social media, the actress revealed that she spent one month in Bermuda. While there, she had to wear a fake baby bump for the role. Find out about the film and what the former soap opera star has been up to.

According to the movie's official website, Mother Of All Secrets teases the tagline, "Revenge is so much sweeter in the sun." Mansi stars as Aubrey, who is pregnant and on vacation in Bermuda with her boyfriend, Jackson (Sean Stolzen). The trailer reveals that while walking in the hotel, Aubrey runs into Jackson's mother, who she is surprised to see. It turns out that Jackson, a U.S. state senator, and his mother are estranged. When he ends up going missing, Aubrey suspects that his mother knows more about the disappearance than she is letting on.

The film also stars Kelly McGillis as Rose, Brooke Burfitt as Samantha, and LuAnn D'Agostino is simply credited as "mom."

The Mother Of All Secrets trailer teases that Jackson's mom might not be mentally stable. Kate Mansi's character is told all kinds of things about the father of her child. One of those includes nobody thinking a baby would be able to tie him down. Then, she notices blood in a bathroom and tells authorities that need to be searching for the missing senator.

On Instagram, the former Days Of Our Lives actress, who recently won an Emmy award, teased her latest project.
"I spent a month in Bermuda with a fake baby bump and some pretty incredible people making this movie. I'm most proud that it was the largest female cast and crew I've ever worked with so far. Trailer comin' at ya soon!"
Besides Mother Of All Secrets, Kate Mansi has been keeping busy. She appeared in Boyfriend Killer, Unwanted Guest, Small Shots, and recently completed Muse. She has even devoted her time to advocating for mental health awareness. The actress uses her large social media following to make a difference and has even held charity auction events.

Following her Emmy award nomination and win, Mansi credited her grandmother for helping her pursue an acting career. While in college, it was Kate's grandmother who secretly paid for acting lessons. If it had not been for that act of generosity, the actress admits she may never have chased a career in the entertainment business. In fact, she wanted to bring her grandmother to the awards ceremony. She was unable to, though, so she attended the event with her boyfriend.

When Mansi announced she was leaving DOOL, she addressed her exit on social media. She didn't give a reason for leaving, but fans swore they would follow her other projects. Based on the Instagram comments, people are impressed with her recent gigs. This is particularly true with Boyfriend Killer and Kate gave a great performance.
"I can confidently say that I poured everything I had into Abigail, especially this last year, and cannot wait for you to see what's coming! I also want to express how very proud I am to have had the privilege of being a part of this incredibly hard-working daytime community for the past five years. I am grateful beyond measure to the DOOL family, which I feel extends beyond our set, to you, the amazing, and unwavering fans. I thank you for all the support and love you've shown Abigail and me."
What do you think of the trailer for Mother Of All Secrets? Have you been following Kate Mansi since her exit from daytime TV?
[Featured Image by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for Corday Productions]