Jaycee Dugard does first interview

Since the dramatic discovery of kidnapped child Jaycee Lee Dugard in a California backyard, pictures of the woman, now nearly thirty, have not been released- until today.

Jaycee was 11 when she was kidnapped in view but out of reach of her stepfather, Carl Probyn. In the ensuing 18 years, the mystery of Jaycee’s fate baffled investigators, and her captor eluded them. Jaycee was finally discovered and freed when her kidnapper brought Jaycee and her two children with him to a police station on an unrelated matter. Jaycee and her two daughters, Angel, 15, and Starlit, 11, have since been in seclusion with Jaycee’s mom Terry Probyn.

Erika Price Schulte, a media contact for the family, spoke about Jaycee’s decision to finally speak about her ordeal:

“She just radiates. I was thrilled when I saw the photo because it was the perfect representation of what she looks like and it speaks to her joy with being with her family now and looking forward to her new life,” the spokesman said.

“She’s a grown-up, she’s a mother and a sister and a daughter. And it’s amazing to just be in the presence of all of that.
“And if you walked into the room and didn’t know the circumstances, it would seem, I think, like any other family.”

A photo of Jaycee Dugard in the legally licensed video as follows: