Kris Jenner To Expand Her TV Empire And Why It Might Annoy Kourtney Kardashian

Kris Jenner is known to be the matriarch of arguably the most famous family in the world and when it comes to expanding her business empire, she will stop at nothing.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is going to ask Scott Disick to be part of a new show, Radar Online has reported. Of course, it goes without saying the Kris isn’t really going to let go of a lucrative business opportunity just because Kourtney just had a PDA battle of sorts with Scott recently at Cannes. But would Kourtney Kardashian mind Scott having his own show?

For Kris, it’s always business first. The sources said if she were to do a show with Khloe or Kim’s ex, they would certainly not mind.

“Business comes first. If she can come up with an idea for Khloé’s ex Lamar Odom or one of Kim’s exes, she would do it,” an insider blabbed. “Her kids don’t mind. They have lived with Kris for a long time and know who she is.”

The sources went on to say that her kids would rather have her manage the show than someone they aren’t close to. “Plus, they would rather have an ex back on TV in a show controlled by their mom than by someone else.”

TMZ had more details about the show. The series is going to be called Royally Flipped and is about real estate. The show would also star Tomer Fridman, realtor and a very close friend to Scott Disick. It looks like Kris Jenner is doing a lot for Scott. Not sure if it’s going to go well with Kourtney Kardashian.

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But, in all honesty, Kris Jenner has always had a soft spot for Scott Disick. The Inquisitr had earlier reported that Kris has always come to the rescue of Scott and considers him family. “Kris is very keen on Scott. She has never given up, even when he was at war against the family and today she is happy to see him get better and have.. contributed to his return.”

The Inquisitr had reported another instance when Kris Jenner had said that she doesn’t track her own girls’ relationships as much as she does Scott’s. “Scott will always be one of my kids and part of our family. I don’t even track their relationship as much as I track the family like he’s my kid.”

Kourtney Kardashian Kris Jenner
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This is despite the fact that Scott hasn’t always been very nice to Kourtney and said she looked like a drag queen. “[Scott] often says [Kourtney] looks too masculine and even said she looked like a drag queen in her recent magazine shoot,” the source quoted by Hollywood Gossip added.

Recently, both Kourtney and Scott were in Cannes with their respective partners and Kourtney is said to have said some mean things about him. The Inquisitr reported that Kourtney thinks Bella Thorne, Scott’s alleged girlfriend, is “trashy” and she also has a problem with Scott dating such a young person. “Kourtney thinks that the idea of Scott and Bella dating is embarrassing, particularly because she’s so young,” a source told People.

“She also thinks Bella is a little trashy so the idea of the two of them dating definitely bothers her a bit.”

Given that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have these irreconcilable differences, it doesn’t look like the two are going to be able to come to terms with it anytime soon.

It might be confusing for Kourtney Kardashian that Kris Jenner is taking Scott Disick’s side. Do you think the momanager is doing the right thing? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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