Barbara Streisand Mourns The Loss Of Beloved 14-Year-Old Dog Samantha

Barbra Streisand’s dog and longtime companion of 14 years has passed away. On Saturday, the 75-year-old star took to her Instagram to reveal that the dog she shared for over a decade with James Brolin had died. The dog’s name was Samantha, but the fluffy white Coton de Tuléar was affectionately known as “Sammie.”

Singer Barbra Streisand paid tribute to her dog through a series of photos and posted the final picture of herself holding Samantha on her Instagram account. The shot was taken on May 14, 2017, on Mother’s Day. Sammie died less than a week after her 14th birthday due to old age in addition to some health issues she’d been battling recently.

“This is the last time my picture was taken with my beloved girl Samantha… May she rest in peace. We cherish every moment of the 14 years we had with her. May 2003 – May 2017.”

Streisand, a proud and loving pet owner, frequently posted pictures of Samantha on Instagram. Just six days ago, Streisand posted a birthday photo of the dog with the caption, “Happy 14th birthday, dear little Sammie.”

On National Pets Day which took place on April 11, Streisand posted several photos of her pet before Sammie’s health failed, according to USA Today. The heartfelt post was met with many sincere reactions from fans, who gave Streisand their support and condolences in messages.

According to a source, Samantha and Streisand had an inseparable bond.

“Barbra was devoted to Sammie… At home in Malibu, he followed her around wherever she went. He was truly a loving companion. Her best friend.”

Ever since Streisand’s first post on Instagram in 2014, she has always featured the dog. “Hello Instagram… isn’t my Samantha just precious?” she wrote — captioning a shot of the two.

Since then, Streisand has celebrated her dog on social media on many occasions from National Puppy Day to Samantha’s birthday. Barbara also shared with fans during rough times. In October, Barbara asked for fans’ prayers, saying Sammie needed surgery. The surgery was postponed. However, Samantha looked as if she was doing well in the following posts during her birthday celebration.

On Sammie’s last birthday, Barbra and James marked the dog’s big milestone by having a cake made in her likeness.

A couple of years ago, Barbra Streisand’s beloved dog Samantha made headlines for biting a flight attendant when she was 12-years-old. According to People, Streisand was headed to Washington, D.C. on Ron Perelman’s private jet to lobby for funding for the Women’s Heart Alliance when Samantha happened to bite a flight attendant on the plane. Streisand’s people were shocked and confused about Sammie’s behavior on the flight.

“This never happened before. The dog has never had this kind of behavior.”

It was reported that the flight attendant went to pet the dog without showing her hand first — a gesture that allows animals to get acquainted with strangers. The flight attendant’s injury included stitches.

“The flight attendant started petting the dog, and when it’s a stranger, you put the hand out,” the spokesperson says. “And the dog nipped at her, and it would be inaccurate to make it more than it is. Barbara felt terrible.”

Streisand said about Samantha back in 2013, “She’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen,” and that “She’s like the daughter I never had She always comes with us. I would never leave her.”

Former President Barack Obama recognized trailblazers during 2015’s Medal of Freedom Ceremony. Medals were given to a few people who have made major impacts in the industry, according to People.

Streisand's dog sammie dies
Former President Barack Obama presents Barbra Streisand with the Presidential Medal of Freedom during a ceremony at the White House. [Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

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