Los Angeles Lakers Make Brandon Ingram As The Only Untouchable Player As NBA Trade Rumors Circulate

The Los Angeles Lakers are open for business if any NBA team wants to talk trade. According to the NBA trade rumors regarding the Lakers, Brandon Ingram is the lone untouchable player on the roster.

That may lead one to believe that the Lakers are having a fire sale, which is far from the truth. If NBA teams come calling, anyone can be had, perhaps even the No. 2 overall pick in the NBA draft as long as it is for the right price. Just do not expect forward Brandon Ingram’s name involved in the trade talks.

Are the NBA trade rumors regarding the Lakers naming Brandon Ingram their lone untouchable player fact or fiction?

Basketball Insiders, via ESPN Los Angeles has Lakers’ president Magic Johnson speaking on the record saying that Ingram will likely not be dealt this offseason.

“I think that we’re excited about Brandon, his length, his size, his agility, his athleticism. And then when you think about, you know, he was a baby coming in, in his first year last season and we see that he really has a high ceiling and we’re excited about what he can possibly turn into.”

If Magic Johnson was speaking truthfully, the Lakers could be looking at orchestrating one big trade for a star player, such as Paul George or Jimmy Butler. The Lakers could also put together a couple trades in an effort to maximize on their assets. Expect some interesting NBA trade rumors to circulate as a result.

One of the interesting NBA trade rumors which could gain some steam is a previous one involving the Los Angeles Lakers — Indiana Pacers’ Paul George for players and a picks.

As previously discussed by the Inquisitr, Paul George for D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle in a swap would help both teams. It helps that George is reportedly interested in joining the Lakers when he opts for NBA free agency in 2018.

George to Los Angeles could come sooner if the sentiment is such that the Lakers feel another team may beat them to the punch. One scenario would be a trade taking place, with the Boston Celtics using draft picks to convince the Pacers to deal George, versus losing him for nothing in 2018. The Lakers could get a jump on the process, while being able to retain George’s Bird rights.

The significance of a trade for the Pacers’ star is George’s Bird rights would transfer to the team he is dealt to. That team can offer him a more lucrative contract in free agency. The Lakers, like the Celtics have several assets to broker a trade. Just do not count on Brandon Ingram being included in any trade packages.

Paul George attempts to dunk on LeBron James.
The Los Angeles Lakers may look to trade for Paul George, solely for the purposes of retaining his Bird’s right. Just do not anticipate Brandon Ingram being part of the trade negotiations. [Image by Joe Robbins/Getty Images]

The Lakers will include Brandon Ingram in any trade discussions, but the No. 2 overal draft pick and D’Angelo Russell could be had. It would take a trade for Paul George or the Chicago Bulls’ Jimmy Butler to convince the Lakers to part ways with the No. 2 pick.

Those are the two most desirable names floating around in NBA trade rumors. One can alternate which player would be a team’s preference, as they both are two of the best two-way players in the Association. Butler is a better defensive player, while George is the more exciting player to watch.

Neither Butler or George can be had simply for the No. 2 overall pick alone. And a trade including the draft pick and Russell may be too steep of a price for the Lakers to consider. Therefore, any trades with the pick and Russell getting shipped is a pipe dream.

Dangling the No. 2 pick could be the Los Angeles Lakers way of telling Lonzo Ball and his camp to be open to working out for other teams.

Prior to this week, it was reported by USA Today, that Lonzo Ball would only workout for the Lakers. That stance seems to be softening a bit as he appears to be open to a workout (courtesy of ESPN) with the Philadelphia 76ers. The likelihood of the Lakers trading the No. 2 pick are slim unless they can get a player on the verge and a lottery pick in return.

The players most likely to be dealt by the Lakers is D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle.

Russell and Randle could be tied together in a trade for a star player or a player on the cusp and draft picks. They can be traded separately for the same thing. While neither of them have the same trade value as Brandon Ingram, the Lakers can do well with a potential return for both of them.

When the dust settles and the NBA trade rumors die down a little, the Los Angeles Lakers will have some different players on their roster. D’Angelo Russell could be gone. In a perfect world, veteran Luol Deng could get traded too. There will not be a full turnover of the Lakers’ roster, but if there is anything close to it taking place, expect Brandon Ingram to be one of the holdovers.

[Featured Image by Harry How/Getty Images]