Blake Shelton’s Plans To Propose To Gwen Stefani: Engagement Before ‘The Voice’ Returns?

Blake Shelton could potentially be proposing to Gwen Stefani at his Oklahoma lake house, it’s been reported.

According to Hollywood Life, Blake Shelton has been planning the trip for several weeks, and now that the couple will both have a significant time off from their hectic schedules, there’s nothing else that Blake wants than to spend some quality time with his girlfriend.

Sources say that this is one of the few times that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani will actually have the time to switch off their phones and do nothing but enjoy being in each other’s presence — the summer vacation won’t be too long, but just enough for the duo to get away from work, even if it’s just for a little while.

Blake Shelton has wanted to take Gwen to Oklahoma for some time now. He owns a large lake house, but since he now spends most of his time in Los Angeles, where he shoots The Voice, he doesn’t get to go home as much as he would like to.

Now that the vacation period is coming up, Shelton is using this opportunity to take Gwen back to the place where Blake used to spend a significant amount of time prior to finding industry success with his music.

“Blake’s planning to take Gwen to his place on Lake Texoma this summer. He wants to take her boating and fishing and all that fun lake stuff,” an insider tells Hollywood Life.

“He grew up spending his summers at that lake, it’s only an hour from his hometown. He loves it there, especially in the summer, it’s one of his favorite places on earth. The only thing that makes it better is having Gwen there by his side. They’ll have cookouts and campfires and maybe a little skinny dipping with Gwen. That’s his idea of the perfect summer vacation.”

With the rumor being that Blake Shelton has been wanting to propose to Gwen for quite some time now, fans are wondering whether the talent show judge will use this opportunity to make it official by putting a ring on Stefani’s finger.

It’s been reported for months now that Blake Shelton wants to tie the knot with Gwen. He’s constantly gushing about how much he loves the singer, sources allege, and now that their summer vacation is coming up, Blake Shelton reportedly sees it as the perfect opportunity to make it known that he wants to marry the “Hollaback Girl” star.

News of Blake allegedly wanting to propose to Gwen this summer comes just weeks after Shelton admitted that he has no plans on ever taking a break from NBC’s The Voice, saying that he loves the show too much to ever step away from it.

Gwen Stefani, however, has since been replaced by the likes of Alicia Keys, with Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson being the next line-up of women that will be take on the singer’s seating position for the forthcoming seasons of the show, AOL confirms.

Gwen Stefani has since admitted that she has no plans on returning to The Voice — at least not for the time being. The “Wind It Up” songstress is currently working on her next album, and since music has always been her first love, it seems as if Blake Shelton’s girlfriend would want to fully commit herself to one project at a time, Entertainment Tonight reports.

Blake Shelton has not commented on rumors concerning his supposed plans to propose to Gwen Stefani this summer in Oklahoma, but given the fact that multiple reports have been claiming how Blake has endlessly tried to find the right moment, doing it at his lake house could potentially be where it finally happens for the two.

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