Reason Why Paul Heyman Praised Finn Balor On ‘Raw,’ Match With Brock Lesnar Coming Soon

Heading into WWE Extreme Rules, a lot of people believe that Finn Balor will win the Fatal Five Way at the event and finally receive his rematch for the WWE Universal Championship with Brock Lesnar at the WWE Great Balls of Fire PPV in July. On paper, “The Beast” versus “The Demon” is a big money matchup, but the fans will be disappointed if their match doesn’t happen after Paul Heyman confronted Finn Balor on Raw.

Before Finn’s match with Karl Anderson during last week’s edition of Raw, Heyman cut an extensive promo on Balor and gave him a lot of praise as a possible threat to Brock Lesnar. By all appearances, Finn Balor is being booked to win the Fatal Five Way at WWE Extreme Rules just based on Heyman putting him over on Raw. It’s being reported that the segment was done because a feud between Balor and Lesnar is happening.

Brock Lesnar’s reign as the WWE Universal Champion have been revealed, and The Beast is expected to face every participant in the Fatal Five Way at some point before Wrestlemania 34. However, WWE officials are preparing the fans for Balor vs. Lesnar because the promo from Heyman signifies that it will be pushed as a huge match. Their match could still happen at WWE Summerslam or possibly at WWE Survivor Series.

Finn Balor vs Brock Lesnar Could Happen After Summerslam
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There is some concern about Finn Balor being able to handle a match with Brock Lesnar. It’s not about Finn being a great performer, but his size has come up in the past as a possible issue. Some fans may not consider it believable that Balor could beat Lesnar in a match. It has been reported that WWE officials don’t feel that way. In fact, they are playing up Balor’s in-ring skills and size to sell him as a potential threat to The Beast.

David versus Goliath will always be a great story to tell inside a squared circle. Finn’s speed, experience, and his athleticism against Brock’s strength, agility, and brutality could make an explosive match between them, especially on a bigger stage like WWE Summerslam. Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman seems like the plan for that event, but WWE officials could change their minds depending on the latter’s recovery from surgery.

If not, Balor vs. Lesnar could happen at any time after WWE Summerslam. Based on Brock’s schedule and the fact that their match has the potential to be something very big, it could be delayed until WWE Survivor Series. The WWE Universe wants to see Balor receive his rematch for the Universal Title because he vacated the title last year and never officially lost it. On paper, that gives Balor the strongest claim for a title match.

Finn Balor is Being Primed For a Huge Match With Brock Lesnar
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More than anything else, Paul Heyman’s promo on Raw with Finn Balor was a way to lay the foundation for the rivalry between the latter and Lesnar. The WWE Universe may complain if Finn doesn’t walk out of St. Louis the No. 1 Contender for the WWE Universal Title, but that is because the fans are behind Balor. WWE has been worked hard to make Balor a top babyface since returning from injury, and it’s working thus far.

There have been some rumors about Finn turning heel and realigning with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows down the line. Eventually, that heel turn will happen. For the foreseeable future, WWE officials see a ton of potential in Finn Balor as a top babyface, and a big match with Brock Lesnar will only add fuel to that fire. It is only of the most interesting matchups on Raw, but the fans are also wondering if Balor can beat Lesnar.

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