WWE News: Asuka’s Streak Surpasses Goldberg’s Undefeated Record, Why Is She Not On ‘SmackDown Live’ Or ‘RAW?’

NXT’s Empress of Tomorrow Asuka has reached a huge milestone in her career in the WWE. Back on Wednesday, the undefeated superstar has improved her winning streak to 174 straight wins. With this, Asuka has managed to surpass Goldberg’s legendary 173-win record from WCW, further establishing her place as the most dominant talent in NXT and the female wrestler to watch out for in entire WWE.

The Japanese wrestling superstar’s accomplishment has been recognized by no other than Bill Goldberg himself, who stated that “the streak” is in good hands with the NXT Women’s Champion. As for Asuka, she posted about her record-breaking streak in a simple post on Twitter, where she expressed her respect for the legendary Goldberg, as well as the honor of having the longest undefeated streak.

Asuka attained the milestone last May 14, when she defeated Bianca Blair at an NXT live event. The victory corresponded to her 174th win since joining the WWE back in 2015, according to Cageside Seats. Since that time, Asuka has not been pinned or submitted by any of her opponents, including formidable WWE superstars such as Bayley and Nia Jax, both of which have already left NXT to join the main roster.

The Empress of Tomorrow has made waves in the WWE since signing up with the sports entertainment firm. Already a superstar in her own right in Japan, Asuka debuted to much fanfare and anticipation from avid wrestling fans worldwide. Needless to say, the female submission expert’s performance has never disappointed to date. Since taking the title from Bayley back in April last year at NXT TakeOver: Dallas, the dominant wrestler has pretty much steamrolled through the women’s roster in NXT, and she has never slowed down.

Unlike other champions who boast long-running title reigns but few title matches, Asuka has been very active in the NXT ring, defending her Women’s Championship belt multiple times against many formidable opponents. Just recently, Asuka retained her title in a grueling Triple Threat match against both Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot, where the Empress of Tomorrow ended the match by pinning both of her opponents at the same time, according to WWE.

Asuka’s feat has not escaped the attention of fans and the WWE, either. While there were initial reservations about whether the WWE would officially recognize her undefeated streak, both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon tweeted congratulatory messages to the Japanese professional wrestler after her recent win. Asuka’s fans have also taken to social media to address the NXT Women’s Champion, with many stating that she is probably the most well-rounded female wrestler in the WWE right now.

Surprisingly, however, Asuka has not made it to the main WWE roster. Her title reign in NXT might have gone for more than 400 days now, but she still is, at the end of the day, competing in a non-flagship brand. Interestingly, opponents that she has competed with and beaten, such as Bayley and Nia Jax, have both made it to WWE RAW, and have both gained the RAW Women’s Championship.

Considering Asuka’s dominant performance in the squared circle, it appears strange that the WWE would be keeping her in NXT when she has so much potential to improve the Women’s division in the professional wrestling firm’s main brands. Then again, many Asuka fans have speculated that WWE is not moving her to RAW or SmackDown Live because she simply has no replacement in NXT. After all, Asuka is one of the main draws of the brand, and losing her to either RAW or SmackDown Live would surely have adverse results for NXT.

For now, at least, Asuka has proven that she is the best female wrestler in the entire roster of women wrestlers in WWE. While it would probably not be anytime soon, the day Asuka walks into a RAW or SmackDown Live ring would be the day when the flagship brands’ female divisions would never be the same.

[Featured Image by WWE]