Jinder Mahal Receives Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Stamp Of Approval As Future Star

WWE World Champion Jinder Mahal recently received approval from “The Rattlesnake” in terms of his recent push with the company. Former champion Stone Cold Steve Austin currently offers wrestling fans a podcast during which he gives his thoughts on everything going on in the business. Recent topics have included a review of the Backlash pay-per-view from last Sunday, which of course featured the main event where Jinder Mahal defeated Randy Orton to win the championship. While Austin admitted to not seeing the full match, he certainly had good things to say about WWE’s newest heel, the “Modern-day Maharaja.”

According to Wrestling Inc, a recent episode of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast had Austin speaking with a special guest, former WWE star Gregory “Hurricane” Helms. The two wrestling stars discussed the Backlash 2017 pay-per-view’s main event and how they like what Jinder brings to the table. Helms had some criticisms as far as Mahal’s mic work and facial expressions go but still seemed to offer praise for the current WWE World Champion. Stone Cold talked up how Jinder Mahal has a “great look and a great body” which is probably the biggest reason Vince McMahon liked him for the spot he’s in now.

Jinder Mahal defeated Randy Orton at Backlash PPV
Jinder Mahal defeated Randy Orton for the WWE World Championship at the 2017 Backlash PPV. [Image by WWE]

Stone Cold went on to praise other aspects of Jinder Mahal as a superstar and mentioned why he thinks this guy is a good choice.

“Oh dude, [the ‘Maharaja’ nickname] has cool factor written all over it. Plus, if you play that with arrogance, it works for you. But, dude, down the road, I think that it spells money. I think the kid [has] got a great look. Like [Helms] said, he’s got the great facials. And [Helms] know[s], dude, you’ve got to bring a few things to the table, whether it’s appearance or size, looks, handsome, ugly, are you a flat-out bad ass worker, just unbelievable talker? This kid has bits and pieces of the things [one needs to be successful].”

As it stands, Jinder Mahal has been getting a lot of mixed reviews from WWE fans. There are those happy with the fact that WWE is trying something new by pushing a former mid-carder into a surprising spotlight position. Others are upset by that notion, as they feel there are other superstars more deserving of the spot over Jinder Mahal. Then there are those still speculating on whether or not Mahal used some special methods to bulk himself up.

Luckily for those fans not in his corner, Jinder Mahal’s title reign could come to an end by the 2017 Money in the Bank pay-per-view. At that time, Jinder will defend his WWE World Championship in a rematch against former champion “The Viper” Randy Orton. There’s also that lingering possibility that whoever wins the Money in the Bank ladder match will decide to cash in their briefcase that same night to take his title away.

Jinder Mahal celebrates championship win with Punjabi celebration
Jinder Mahal celebrated his championship win with a Punjabi celebration on SmackDown Live. [Image by WWE]

As much as some fans may detest the idea, the “Modern-day Maharaja” is now holding the WWE World Championship. He also now has a popular viral video on YouTube to go with it. Jinder Mahal’s “Punjabi Celebration” video from this past Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live has now passed the 2 million views mark as people all over the internet are partaking in a bit of the festivities as well as what Jinder had to say regarding his championship reign.

If that isn’t enough, Cageside Seats reported that the WWE Shop now stocks a Jinder Mahal “Modern-day Maharaja” T-shirt for fans of the new WWE World Champion to show their support. While Stone Cold Steve Austin might not be seen wearing one of those new T-shirts anytime soon, it’s certainly a good thing to have the praise of one of WWE’s most iconic stars in your favor.

WWE fans, what do you think of Jinder Mahal as the WWE World Champion? How long do you expect his championship reign will last?

[Featured Image by WWE]