Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian Fight Over ‘KUWTK’ Boyfriend: ‘Keep Our Kids Away From Younes Bendjima’

Scott Disick wants to make sure that his kids will never meet Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend, Younes Bendjima, a source has said.

According to multiple reports, Scott Disick is anything but happy now that Kourt is officially dating her model lover — the club promoter is said to be angered by the fact that his ex-girlfriend has moved on and is somewhat jealous over her new romance.

Scott Disick had remained hopeful that he’d eventually reconcile with the mother of his three children, but his reckless acts in recent months, such as bringing female companions on family vacations and allegedly choosing the clubbing scene over a quiet night with the kids has made Kourtney realize she can’t be with him any more.

Scott Disick and Kourtney called it quits in 2015, but that certainly hasn’t stopped them from considering the idea of getting back together, up until the 33-year-old started hooking up with strangers while vacationing with the woman he often claims is the love of his life.

Now that Kourt has moved on with Younes, as revealed by Us Weekly, who she’s reportedly been dating for the last couple of months, Scott Disick is jealous and bitter about the relationship, having supposedly branded their romance as fake and desperate.

Scott Disick doesn’t think that Kourtney and Younes will last, and because of that, he is demanding his former girlfriend to keep their kids away from the model. She shouldn’t introduce them to someone that she won’t be sharing a future with, a source tells Hollywood Life.

“Scott has made it clear to Kourt that he does not want Younes anywhere around their children. Scott has demanded Kourt to keep her fake relationship with Younes away from their kids, he does not want him meeting their little ones… for now.”

Scott Disick has told family and friends that he thinks Kourtney is using Younes for her own selfish needs — their romance isn’t going to last, and because of their 14-year age difference, there’s no chance that the mother-of-three will want to stick around with someone that young.

On top of that, insiders close to the Kardashians claim that Scott Disick thinks this is all part of Kourtney’s revenge plan to get back at him for doing her dirty.

While there may be some sort of feelings for Younes from Kourtney’s side, they aren’t strong enough for her to consider a committed relationship with the 24-year-old, hence why she has decided to keep the romance under the radar for as long as she has.

“Despite Scott’s many faults, he loves his kids and wants to protect them from Kourtney’s reckless decisions. [Scott] cannot believe that anything happening between Kourt and Younes is real, or will have any true meaning. He feels like Kourtney may be using Younes for her own selfish needs, including revenge on Scott. So Scott has major doubts that this guy will be in Kourtney’s life for more than ten minutes, he hates the whole situation.”

Rumors concerning Kourtney’s relationship with Younes first erupted earlier this year when the duo was spotted heading out to dinner together in West Hollywood.

Scott Disick’s ex-girlfriend was quick to deny the reports, claiming that she was nothing more than a good friend to Bendjima, but as the twosome began spending more time together, it became rather obvious that the reality star was dating the model, People adds.

Of course, now that they seem to be in a relationship, Kourtney and Younes have been seen plenty of times, but Scott Disick continues to stick to his beliefs. He thinks this romance will die out pretty fast which is why his kids should play no involvement in Kardashian’s new romance.

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