May 26, 2017
Ron Howard Weighs In On Whether Movie Premieres Will Be Terrorist Targets

After the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester on Monday night in which 59 people were hospitalized and 22 people lost their lives, many people are wondering whether or not certain venues are liable for terrorist attacks. It has been stated previously that ISIS has said that concert venues and other forms of entertainment were a prime target for bombing, as many people, particularly civilians and those of high profile, are coming together to celebrate. And because, in many cases, they are celebrating Western values, this is a perfect way for ISIS to make their mark on whatever event is occurring.

This got many in Hollywood to think about terrorist attacks that could not only take place at concerts and theaters, but also movie premieres. Recently, famed director Ron Howard was asked to weigh in on whether or not he thinks movie premieres are secure enough to continue holding events.

He explained his reasoning to the Dirty.

"Every high profile event has to be secure. Some event spaces are easier to secure than others. They have more experience securing them. Movie premieres have always been reliably secure. It's all happening so fast that I think that's probably a factor."
Although a terrorist attack has not yet occurred at a movie premiere, Monday's events remind celebrities and non-famous folks alike that ISIS is alive and well and could strike at any moment or at any big event. As such, security needs to be beefed up to ensure that nothing like this happens again, or at least a culprit is caught before any more lives are claimed.

Movie premieres, however, are mostly secure due to the fact that a lot of celebrities attend them who each often have body guards. Celebrities are always higher targets for violence, kidnapping, assault and anything else that a person with nefarious intentions could cook up.

The event that occurred on Monday evening in Manchester, United Kingdom, which ISIS has taken responsible for, has left many celebrities shaken and attempting to add to their security. Justin Bieber, for example, was warned against going on tour and was told to up his security if he decided to do so.

Ariana Grande, the singer on the night of the fateful terrorist attack, is rumored to have quadrupled her security to ensure nothing like this ever happens again at one of her concerts. Currently, the star is laying low and recovering with her family and friends, but she won't stay home for long.

Ariana Grande recently wrote a letter to the victims of the terrorist attack, as well as the fans who were in attendance, and those who were hospitalized after the blast.

"They will be on my mind and in my heart everyday and I will think of them with everything I do for the rest of my life," she wrote.

Grande has vowed that she won't let evil win and therefore, she won't let the terrorist attack stop her from continuing to do what she loves and to spread music and joy to those who listen to her music. After all, ISIS' goal is to instill fear into the hearts and minds of people in Western countries, and giving into the fear would only allow them to win.

The young singer has put her Dangerous Woman tour on hold indefinitely, but rumors state that she will likely be returning to the stage in Paris during the first week of June. According to press, this past week she has been inconsolable and has had trouble sleeping since the heinous terrorist attack. Although she wants to remain home with her friends and family, she has also stated that she would like to FaceTime with victims who have been hospitalized following the attack at her concert.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]