Huge Update In Sean Waltman Drug Arrest Case In California

Former WWE superstar Sean Waltman, also known as X-Pac, was arrested in April when he was on his way from Los Angeles to the U.K. for an indie pay-per-view appearance. The Sean Waltman drug arrest was for what police called meth pills, as well as cannabis candy bars. However, Waltman claimed that the pills were not meth, and it looks like his claims were legitimate.

Sam Roberts, a wrestling podcaster who works closely with the WWE, went to Twitter last night and posted that the district attorney rejected the Sean Waltman drug attest case and that Sean is cleared of all charges.

Sean Waltman said after his arrest that he wasn’t mad at anybody and understands why no one will believe his side of the story based on his past. However, Waltman said that there was at least one officer at the airport who seemed determined to arrest him whether he was guilty or not.

Huge Update In Sean Waltman Drug Arrest Case In California
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Sean Waltman also told TMZ Sports that he was just waiting for the lab reports to come back. He said that the pills were sent in for testing and that they were not meth but were instead treatment for a yeast infection.

“With my past, I can totally understand anybody rolling their eyes at my story. Once the lab work comes back, this should be all cleared up. But in the meantime, oh what a mess man. What a mess.”

TMZ also reported that Sean Waltman subjected himself to a lie detector test in order to prove his innocence. A polygraph examiner named Rachel Levi came onto the Sean Waltman podcast X-Pac 12360 and put him through the testing. Afer it was over with, she determined that he was telling the truth.

Of course, the polygraph test on his podcast was very disputable. What isn’t disputable is the results from the lab tests. If Sam Roberts, who the WWE brings in occasionally for pay-per-view pre-show appearances, is right, it looks like the lab tests were enough to clear Sean Waltman from any criminal charges.

Interestingly, it was lucky the Sean Waltman drug arrest took place in California. In most other states, the possession of the cannabis candy bars could have resulted in an arrest and conviction. However, in California, the police couldn’t arrest Sean for the possession of marijuana, and the alleged meth pills were the only things he could face charges on.

Huge Update In Sean Waltman Drug Arrest Case In California
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When it comes to whether he was taking meth again, Sean Waltman was very up front in an interview with TMZ Sports. As Waltman said, he used to be a very bad meth head, and there was no way he could be where he is now if he was still on meth.

“I was one of the worst meth-heads ever. If I was back doing that, there is no way I could have the life that I have right now. My life is amazing, this is just a hiccup in the road. I’m still clean, besides the cannabis.”

The Sean Waltman drug arrest came at a tough time for the former WWE superstar. Waltman was working with the WWE in certain areas and was actually helping out with some younger wrestlers at the NXT facilities. The arrest could have caused the WWE to take a step back from the former X-Pac.

It was just last year that Chyna, the former girlfriend of Sean Waltman, died after a long battle with drug addiction. The two were co-dependent on each other for years when it came to their addictions, and Sean had expressed sympathy when she passed away.

The Sean Waltman drug arrest was something that most people who followed his WWE career could have easily believed. However, this time, it turned out that Waltman was telling the truth about the incident.

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