Bella Thorne ‘Hot Young One,’ Bella Reportedly Not Impressed With Pool PDA Partner With His Fly Down

Bella Thorne and Scott Disick had their fun and moved on, but fans are still wondering who dumped who. Scott and Chloe Bartoli heated up the poolside the day after Scott’s sizzling PDA with Bella. Disick’s fling with Bartoli in 2015 was the final straw for Kourtney Kardashian, who called it quits shortly after she found out about Scott and Chloe. But Thorne, 19, didn’t appear to be to bothered by the sudden end to her fun with Disick, 34.

A Bella Thorne insider told People that Bella was always in control of the situation. The model and Famous in Love actress is BFFs with Kylie Jenner, and she knew going into their poolside fling exactly “how Scott normally treats girls.”

According to the source, when Bella hung out with Scott in Cannes, she was in no danger of joining a long list of women hurt by Kourtney Kardashian’s ex in his “destructive past.”

Thorne is 15 years younger than Disick, she likes to party, and she wasn’t taking any of the poolside PDA seriously. She knew she was in the company of a fellow partier who likes to live in the moment, and as far as Thorne was concerned, that made it a safe hookup where no one got hurt.

Bella Thorne's fling with Scott Disick meant nothing to the 19-year-old actress
Bella Thorne's fling with Scott Disick meant nothing to the 19-year-old actress. [Image by Lars Niki/Getty Images]

Bella was in it for the fun day in the sun, and she “doesn’t really care what people think or what their opinions are.” Besides the carefree attitude, there’s the stark reality of an age difference that the teenager believes gives her all the advantages.

So far from being a victim of Scott’s wild ways, Thorne felt totally comfortable taking what she wanted and moving on when Disick got too drunk.

“She knows she’s the hot young one, and that she essentially has the upper hand.”

The Sun (via TMZ) shared that Scott’s “heavy drinking” was what turned Bella off of the father-of-three. Thorne likes to party, but she wasn’t impressed with how wild Scott became as he continued drinking long past the point that Bella considered okay.

Disick appeared so much “the worse for wear” that he left his fly undone for a while. After a night out at the Baoli nightclub with an unknown blonde, only a few hours after groping Bella at the poolside, Scott left the nightclub looking bleary-eyed and completely unaware that his fly was down.

Although Disick and the mystery blonde left the club together, they split up shortly afterward.

Fox News wrote that the liaison between Scott and Bella ended so soon because Disick “wasn’t content with the affections of just one woman” as he moved quickly from Bella to the mystery woman and then on to Chloe.

Kylie Jenner warned Bella Thorne about Scott's destructive past with women.
Kylie Jenner warned Bella Thorne about Scott's destructive past with women. [Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Image]

The insider said that he was probably trying to get back at Kourtney Kardashian, who was hanging out with her new boyfriend, Younes Bendjima, only 10 minutes away from the luxury villa where Scott was staying.

“Scott’s trying to stick it to Kourtney because of her liaison with Younes. It’s him acting out.”

Bella wasn’t at all upset by Scott’s defection. Some fans think she’d probably already dumped him because of his drunken behavior. Thorne had her own plans for the evening and glammed it up in a silver gown with a navel-grazing neckline that gave

The former Disney star “didn’t lose any time over Disick.” After her own night out, she jetted back home and tweeted that the “Cannes fancy” life wasn’t for her.

What do you think? Was Bella Thorne hurt by Scott Disick’s behavior, or was she just having fun?

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