Maci Bookout Admits She Suffered With Postpartum Depression After The Birth Of Her Second Child

Although Catelynn Lowell of Teen Mom OG has been extremely candid about her postpartum depression following the birth of her daughter, Novalee Reign, 2, Maci Bookout is now opening up to the cameras to share that she suffered from the same experience after the birth of her daughter, Jayde.

Maci Bookout got real with Teen Mom OG cameras in the upcoming sneak peek of the next episode of the series.

She revealed her issues with postpartum depression to Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell while on a couples vacation to Puerto Rico.

“For me, postpartum was easier to deal with when I was able to admit it and understand that it’s ok. With Jayde, I feel like I just wasn’t going to be able to love Jayde the way that I loved Bentley. There’s all different kinds of feelings you have and it makes you feel like a terrible person because of these feelings you have.”

If anyone can understand her, it’s Catelynn Lowell, who suffered from postpartum depression so badly that at one point she couldn’t even get out of bed. The mom of two confessed that at times, her anxiety and panic attacks were “almost paralytic,” and people didn’t understand how bad it really was.

Maci Bookout, however, went on to get pregnant almost immediately after the birth of Jayde with her son, Maverick, which was totally unexpected. In her new book, she opened up about the fears that she faced having two kids one after the other, and she worried that she wouldn’t be able to do it.

She said that her father helped her through some of the toughest times, telling her that God wouldn’t have given her so much to deal with if she couldn’t handle it. Maci Bookout also revealed that Bentley and her husband, Taylor McKinney’s excitement helped her get psyched for the birth of her little one, and they gave her the strength to believe she could actually do it.

The mom of three had also recently revealed that her youngest son suffered from health problems, mainly an issue called silent reflux. Complicating matters, in some cases, the only symptom appears to be lots and lots of crying. For some parents, this can be mistaken as colic or general fussiness, but for the baby, it is incredibly painful.

However, he wasn’t that great at taking medicine at first, but he finally learned how to do so.

“His pediatrician prescribed him medicine to reduce stomach acidity and help relieve the pain. But every time we gave it to him, he would push it out with his tongue or he would get so upset that he would throw the medicine right back up.”

Maci Bookout’s storyline on Teen Mom OG has been majorly focused on her issues with Ryan Edwards, the father of her eldest son, Bentley. The pair has had lots of trouble communicating in the past, and she has accused his parents, Jen and Larry, of taking over and doing his job. Predictably, this hasn’t gone over too well with Bentley’s grandparents.

However, she has revealed that since he got together with fiancee, Mackenzie Standifer, things have improved immensely Standifer is also a teen mom who juggles her son, Hudson, with her ex-husband and knows what it’s like to have communication breakdowns. As a result, Mackenzie and Maci often speak to one another about Bentley’s care and don’t even include Ryan in the talks in order to make things easier.

But in the last episode of Teen Mom OG, Maci Bookout stated that her ex was doing drugs, and she was incredibly worried about the safety of her son. This has not been revisited in real time.

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