Shaq’s Feet: Shaquille O’Neal Reveals His Foot, Twitter Goes Insane With GIFs And Memes Of His Toes [Video]

The below video from the Bleacher Report shows Shaquille O’Neal’s foot, with an accompanying post that simply reads, “Bruh.” Twitter has also gone wild at the thought of Shaq daring to reveal either one of his feet so boldly to the camera, with no socks covering his toes. Shaq gave the broadcast camera what Wendy Williams would call “shoe cam,” but in this instance, the half-time break saw Shaq giving the camera “foot cam.”

Shaq entertained the viewers of the Cleveland-Boston NBA game by wiggling his right foot and toes in front of the camera, and Shaq received a bunch of good-natured ribbing as a result. The talk about Shaq’s feet occurred when the cross-promotion for the new TV show titled Claws was being discussed. As reported by the Bradenton Herald, Claws is all about a nail salon that is set in Palmetto, Florida. The promos have shown Niecy Nash’s character joking about the size of Shaq’s feet, stating that she would overcharge Shaq if he showed up to their fictional salon.

With the premiere episode coming to TNT on June 11, the show received lots of hype during the NBA game on Thursday, May 25. That was the impetus for Shaq revealing his real foot to the camera.

After Shaq dared to reveal his toes to the camera, Twitter came alive with tweets about Shaq’s feet. The general consensus involved people writing that they were glad they’d already eaten dinner, because Shaq’s toenails would’ve made them lose their appetite. As Shaq took a pounding of ribbing from his co-hosts, he explained having his toenail removed.

Screenshots of Shaq’s foot, like the one below, soon appeared on Twitter. GIFs and Photoshop reactions of disgust to Shaq’s foot also soon began appearing on Twitter, which can also be viewed below.

Within minutes, a GIF had been created, showing the Home Alone scene of the main character reacting to a photo of Shaq’s foot.

As Shaq proudly proclaimed that he never gets pedicures, his co-hosts teased him, saying that they could tell he never treats his feet. Shaq’s co-hosts also told him that he makes too much money to have feet that look that bad.

Shaq has earned comparisons to famous fictional TV characters with bad feet, such as Cole Brown from Martin.

Shaq’s feet were also compared to the feet of other famous men.

Meanwhile, some of the commentary flowing into Twitter about Shaq’s feet can be read below, along with a variety of GIFs being attributed to Shaq’s foot.

“Nobody in basketball twitter is watching the game anymore we’re still shook over Shaq’s foot.”

“Anyone see Shaq’s slave foot! lol! Looks like he’s been walking on hot coals for a living!”

“My man is a gajillionaire but got feet like the Kraken.”

“I was truly hungry tonight so Zach went to get Chick-Fil-A and then I saw Shaq’s feet and I can’t even finish my sandwich…”

“Last night we have a congressional candidate body slam a reporter. Tonight we have ‘s feet. ‘Merica.”

“Why is Shaq’s foot all over my TL? And why is that big toe circumventing the Maginot Line & attacking France thru Belgium?”

“Someone put a Crying Jordan on Shaq’s toe.”

“Shaq’s disgusting foot has taken over Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals.”


“If you put Shaq’s feet on timeline I’m blocking you.”

“Everybody is talking about how gross Shaq’s foot looks. I think we are burying the lede. His big toe is the size of a Fiat. It’s a dog bed.”

y’all made me look at Shaq’s foot.”

[Featured Image by David Goldman/AP Images]