‘My 600-lb Life’ Pauline Update: Still Whining, Pauline Loses Weight, But Son’s Disposition Worries Viewers

There are patients in TLC’s hit reality TV series My 600-lb Life that tested the patience of both viewers and medical experts of the show. Pauline Potter, who at one point held the title of being the World’s Heaviest Woman in the Guinness Book of World Records, was one of them. Whiny, stubborn, and seemingly an attention-grabber, Pauline’s first appearance on My 600-lb Life was marred by the fact that Dr. Now practically threw in the towel, stating that she does not want to help herself at all. If her Facebook posts are any indication, however, Pauline appears to have lost some weight, though she still retained her patience-testing ways.

When Pauline was first featured on the hit reality TV show, she weighed an astounding 678 pounds. Despite stating that she would like to lose her excess weight, Pauline nonetheless showed a strong tendency to be stubborn, ignoring Dr. Now’s advice, regularly eating unhealthy food and refusing to get up and walk. What’s more, Pauline’s son, Dillon, has become her full-time caretaker, pushing her around in the wheelchair all day. In numerous online forums such as Reddit, many have noted that Dillon did not appear healthy himself, as his weight was ballooning too. Apart from this, Dillon appeared distant at time, which seemed to indicate that he was struggling with some psychological issues as well.

Even after receiving gastric bypass surgery, Pauline’s tendency to make excuses and be downright whiny remained. In a particularly aggravating scene from her initial feature, Pauline was confronted by Dr. Now since she had been in the hospital for five days after her surgery and she has not moved from her bed at all. When Pauline started whining about how she just had a major surgery and needed more time to recuperate, an annoyed Dr. Now stated that patients who undergo gastric bypass operations go home on the second day. Despite this, Pauline remained stubborn.


During her initial episode, Dr. Now advised Pauline to start moving around in order to get healthier, recommending her to get physical therapy sessions. Pauline, however, stubbornly refused to take any form of help from medical experts, according to a report from The Mirror. Instead, she believed that she would know what is best in order for her to get better.

“The doctor can’t tell me what’s good for me because I know my own body.”

When Dr. Now finally found that she had not attended her recommended physical therapy sessions, and when Pauline still insisted on not doing anything to improve her lifestyle, the medical expert practically fired her as his patient. In the recently aired My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now episode, Pauline was still pretty much the same. While she lost some weight, her progress has been small compared to other patients who were also featured on the hit reality TV show. Nevertheless, her personal Facebook page, where she communicates with viewers and her supporters, includes pictures of Pauline looking a lot better than before.

Despite this, however, Pauline’s tendency to refuse to own up to her mistakes and situation remains. In a post that has since been deleted, Pauline responded to a Facebook user who noted that the preview for her Where Are They Now episode showed her being rude to Dr. Now. In classic Pauline fashion, she insisted that she was not at fault. On a better note, Pauline’s deleted post at least revealed that she has been seeing a therapist.


“I just got a message that what I said on (sic) my preview for tomorrow’s follow-up is disrespectful to Dr. Now. Let me just say that I love and respect Dr. Now very much and that TRUE comment that I made was not made against him at all. I said it because it is how I feel and I believe it to be true of any weight loss surgery patient. He fixed our tummies but not our heads. The 700-lb me is always with me, I always want to eat when I am not hungry, and I always want to overeat. I still crave sweet things and soda.

“I have to battle this for life and seeing a counselor who specializes in eating disorders helps but it’s still going to be my battle forever because he did fix my tummy by giving me RNY but he didn’t fix my head. The big Pauline is always in there. I am NOT going to apologize for that statement because it is true and I meant it. But I in NO way meant any disrespect to MY Dr. Now, who I love. People need to stop trying to make something out of nothing.”

If the pictures in Pauline’s personal Facebook page are any indication, it appears that she did eventually lose some weight. If any, her photos depict her looking a lot healthier and somewhat happier than when she was first featured on My 600-lb Life. It’s just unfortunate that as much as Pauline seems to be improving, her son Dillon appears to be stagnating. Apart from this, her rather toxic attitude is still noticeably there.


[Featured Image by TLC]