Seth Rich Murder Conspiracy Theory: Police Hiding Evidence, Fox News’ Sean Hannity To Offer Money For Info?

This may be another Seth Rich murder conspiracy theory, but, according to a GOP lobbyist, Metropolitan Police Department officials are allegedly hiding critical evidence related to the investigation of the Democratic National Committee staffer’s murder. There have been numerous far-right conspiracy theories since July 10, 2016, when the 27-year-old was killed just before joining Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The GOP lobbyist, who is also the head of a private investigative team, has asked Fox News’ Sean Hannity to offer money to anybody who could offer information related to the murder mystery.

The Rich family is not happy with the speculations related to Seth’s murder. The speculative ideas have emerged from entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange and even 2012 presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. Fox News published a report on May 15 that claimed to have found evidence related to Set Rich’s murder. There was an apparent link between the DNC staffer and WikiLeaks, according to the report.

Washington DC Deputy Mayor Kevin Donahue, however, denied any WikiLeaks connection with the murder. Rich was killed around two weeks after WikiLeaks released around 20,000 emails leaked from the DNC. Conspiracy theorists have speculated that there is a strong connection between the two incidents.

Now, the claim comes from Jack Burkman, who is leading an investigating team operating from outside Washington D.C. He said that cops had stopped cooperating with the investigation. There is apparently a deliberate and systematic effort from the D.C. police and the mayor, so that the investigation into Seth Rich’s murder comes to an untimely end.

The GOP lobbyist has already offered $105,000 as a reward from his own pocket for any information related to the murder mystery. Now, he wants Fox News’ Sean Hannity, the RNC and the DNC to contribute to the cause and reward people who could supply information related to the murder mystery.

Will Fox News' Sean Hannity offer money for information?
Will Fox News’ Sean Hannity offer money for information? [Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]

According to him, while police initially cooperated with him, his team is not receiving any assistance now. Burkman also claims that the police department is withholding major evidence that might lead to Seth’s murderers. He insists on seeing additional security footage that he believes is available to the police.

“We think the police are now deliberately concealing an awful lot of stuff in an effort to shut this investigation down,” Burkman told the World Net Daily. “I have been very patient and favorable to the D.C. police, but it’s time to shine the light on what they’re doing.”

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is accused of trying to suspend the investigation.
D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is accused of trying to suspend the investigation. [Image by Jose Luis Magana/AP Images]

Burkman suspects a political motive behind all the apparent efforts to suspend the investigation. He believes D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is also behind such efforts. According to him, Bowser wants the investigation to end “for her own political reasons.” Burkman thinks, if the investigation continues, it is going to hurt the mayor’s politics. He likened Seth Rich’s murder with the O. J. Simpson murder case. He said it could severely hurt Bowser’s chances of getting reelected as the mayor.

The Metropolitan Police Department, however, disagrees with Burkman on his version of things. It has refused to entertain such conspiracy theories. MPD’s Karimah Bilal issued a statement to WND to welcome any information that could solve the Seth Rich murder case.

“If you are in possession of information that you believe to be relevant to this or any case, please let us know the details of such information such that it can help, rather than hinder, our investigation.”

Meanwhile, Burkman insists that Seth Rich’s murder was not motivated by a robbery. He dismissed the police theory about a robbery that ended tragically with Rich’s death. He called it a “nonsense.”

“The police hypothesis is just ridiculous! It’s beyond silly.”

Is it another Seth Rich murder conspiracy theory, or is there any truth behind it? At the moment, people seem to have various opinions about it.

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