'Hoarders' Woman Kept Almost 100 Dead Cats In Refrigerator

Kyle Murphy

Monday night's episode of Hoarders featured a woman who took cat obsession to the extreme.

According to TODAY, the cat obsessed hoarder's name was Terry. As the episode started, she explained what inspired her fascination with cats by saying:

"I really feel like the reason I collect cats is that I have this feeling in me that I'm helping save something.

Terry guessed that "the complete number is probably about 50 cats" when trying to remember exactly how many cats live with her.

However, the guess of 50 cats only included the living felines. The dead cats greatly outnumbered the living ones.

Terry said:

"I probably have, in frozen and refrigerated cats, between 75 and 100 -- if not more."

The removal process was incredibly difficult for Terry. She broke down many times and finally started to see that her hoarding was a problem.

Terry tearfully said:

"I can't even say anymore that I love animals 'cause I treated them so horrible."