Mozilla Mobile Reaches New Milestone

Mozilla has reached a new milestone with its upcoming Firefox mobile browser, codenamed Fennec. The development team has announced the release of Fennec Milestone 8, or M8 for short. As we reported earlier this month, the program is targeted to be finished and released by next year.

“Fennec is being tested pretty hard now, and by people who love to find bugs,” Mozilla’s Mark Finkle says.

The updated M8 version boasts an updated look that’s still being tweaked:

Other improvements include a new support panel with an add-on manager and download manager; sidebars that slide in and out of view; support for kinetic scrolling; and overall performance enhancements. Features set to debut in future builds include expanded tab capabilities and potential camera input support.

As of now, Fennec is being developed specifically for the Noxia N8x0. Engineers say they’ll start working on other platforms soon.