WWE News: Jinder Mahal Congratulated By Vince McMahon, Canadian Politicians For His Championship Win

The brand new WWE World Champion Jinder Mahal has received both backlash and praise from a variety of sources for his recent win. While there are a good number of fans from the WWE Universe who feel Jinder Mahal doesn’t deserve his championship reign, the new champion was congratulated by WWE head honcho Vince McMahon along with others backstage after his Backlash victory. In addition, Canadian politicians recently recognized Jinder’s achievements after Sunday’s pay-per-view in Chicago, showing that the accomplishment has been embraced by a good number of people. Will this all eventually help WWE achieve their latest goal by having Mahal as the champ?

According to Wrestling Inc in their recent report, Jinder Mahal was met with a standing ovation when he arrived at the “Gorilla Position” backstage after winning his main event match at the Backlash pay-per-view this Sunday. The “Gorilla Position,” which is named after the late, great Gorilla Monsoon, is the staging area spot just past the entrance curtain backstage at a WWE event. Among those giving the new champion respect for his accomplishments were other superstars, referees, and none other than the boss, Vince McMahon, who greeted the SmackDown star immediately after the conclusion of the pay-per-view.

WWE star Jinder Mahal and Singh Brothers at Punjabi Celebration
WWE World Champion Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers partake in a Punjabi Celebration for the title win. [Image by WWE]

While his Punjabi Celebration was quite nice on SmackDown Live, Jinder talked about the real celebration he received when he walked backstage after defeating Randy Orton at the PPV.

“I’ve been working for 15 years now, so half of my life has been dedicated for wrestling. So that felt great. It all felt worth it at the exact moment that I won. Coming back through Gorilla and getting all the respect from Vince and all the boys and the producers, it was really a dream come true.”

Jinder went on record in his interview as saying that he considers Vince to be a genius in terms of his creative direction, and has plenty of respect for him. He mentioned that there were some ideas Vince gave to him that Jinder felt would never work but they ended up producing great results when he was performing. It’s been said for weeks now that Vince was pleased with Jinder’s work to make himself a better superstar with an improved look and that was part of what led to this recent push. In addition, the move was one of those “best for business” moves as WWE looks to expand its reach and popularity to other corners of the globe, including India where “The Maharaja” can gain some publicity.

Calgarian athlete Jinder Mahal recognized by Canadian politicians
Jinder Mahal is the first Calgarian athlete to win the WWE title in 20 years. [Image by WWE]

Jinder wasn’t just recognized by Vince McMahon and various WWE personalities after his championship victory, he’s also become recognized in another country, besides the United States and India. The CBS Sports website reported on Wednesday that Jinder was recognized at a recent Canadian politicians meeting due to the fact he hails from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In their mention of the new champion, they noted that he’s the first Calgarian athlete to have claimed the championship in 20 years. Bret “The Hitman” Hart was the previous WWE Champion from Calgary. Bret accomplished that feat in 1997.

There has been plenty of criticism about Jinder becoming the new WWE World Champion. Most of it has stemmed from the fact he went from a “jobber” losing matches to help other superstars gain momentum, all the way to champion with not much build-up to get there. While it’s not a telling sign of whether or not he will help the WWE’s product, Wrestling Inc reported that SmackDown Live ratings were up from last week’s by seven percent, as viewers increased from 2.175 million to 2.328 viewers.

It’s unknown how long this Jinder Mahal push or title reign could last, as WWE is always changing up their plans. However, if they find that it’s leading to good things in other parts of the world, disgruntled WWE fans in the United States may have to grit it out as the reign of the “Modern-Day Maharaja” continues.

[Featured Image by WWE]