Pope Francis Asks Melania If Trump Eats Potica Or Potizza, Not Pizza, Blesses Melania’s Rosary [Video]

Pope Francis met with President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump at the Vatican on Wednesday, May 24. Whereas part of the meeting between Pope Francis and Mr. Trump was a private behind-closed-doors affair, other parts of their exchange were captured on video, as seen below.

As Pope Francis and Melania shook hands, the pope spoke to Melania in Italian, in an exchange that has been confused by some folks who thought Pope Francis asked Melania if she fed President Trump pizza. However, according to the Daily Mail, Pope Francis did not ask Melania about feeding Mr. Trump pizza, but instead, Pope Francis spoke of President Trump potentially eating potica, which is a Slovenian nut-roll dessert, reportedly Pope Francis’ favorite Slovenian dessert. Some publications list potica as potizza.

Pope Francis: “What do you give him to eat? Potica?”

Melania: “Potica!”

After the humorous exchange about eating potica, Melania held out her hand for Pope Francis to bless the rosary in her palm. Whereas the conversation about potica was lighthearted, certain news organizations are viewing Pope Francis’ question to Melania about President Trump’s eating habits as a subtle dig towards Mr. Trump’s weight.

As reported by Twitchy, potizza is the spelling of the dessert in question.

Newser also lists the pastry as potizza, whilst other outlets call it potica. The publication notes that President Trump’s meeting with Pope Francis did not appear to contain any strain in the wake of the pope’s comments in the past questioning the Christian faith of a man firmly rooted in his immigration belief, like Mr. Trump appears to be.

Their private meeting lasted approximately 20 to 30 minutes, and Pope Francis gave Mr. Trump an olive tree, as if reaching out with an olive branch of peace, according to Reuters. In turn, President Trump told Pope Francis how much of an honor it was to meet him, and that the pope’s words would stick with Mr. Trump.

“Thank you, I won’t forget what you said.”

According to the BBC, Ivanka and Melania donned black dresses and veils for the meeting with Pope Francis. Melania is Catholic.

Pope Francis became a top trending item on Twitter during his meeting with the Trumps, garnering approximately 60,000 tweets in a short period.

According to CNN, Pope Francis and President Trump did not reveal the details of the private meeting in the pope’s private study. However, the Vatican did reveal that Mr. Trump and the Pope talked about “the promotion of peace in the world through political negotiation and inter-religious dialogue.” There were also talks about the desire to keep Christians safe in the Middle East.

On Twitter, users are commenting their own thoughts about Mr. Trump meeting Pop Francis, as seen below.

“Gotta Love Pope Francis going Young Pope on the Donald.”

“Excellent choice, Pope Francis! is real!”

“Pope Francis hates Trump and wasn’t holding back anything, I love that man and I’m not even Catholic.”

“We are all Pope Francis…”

“I know how you feel Pope Francis.”

“During their 1st ever meeting, Pope Francis gave a book to President Trump regarding .”

“Love that nano-second look he gives the Don after he’s finished his pizza delivery…

“President Trump on his meeting with Pope Francis: ‘He is something. We had a fantastic meeting.’”

“I pray that the Pope has gotten through to Trump about climate change, because Trump doesn’t realize how important that is.”

“The Pope is not perfect, but his reactions to Trump are damn close.”

“Don’t want to get all DaVinci Code but painting behind & is titled ‘For My Boss’s sake someone impeach this lunatic already.’”

[Featured Image by L’Osservatore Romano/AP Images]