Donald Trump Wants Over $1 Trillion Cut From Social Programs, Adds $25 Billion To Ivanka’s Parental Leave Plan

U.S. President Donald Trump reportedly plans to cut over $1 trillion from social programs and allocates funds for boosting security and new plans including Ivanka’s Parental Leave project.

On Tuesday, Trump released his first major budget proposals highlighting deep cuts to social programs. The president is also set to add more funds to various projects.

Trump’s budget plans stirred controversy as it reportedly caused “division than unity” on high-profile issues, health care, and taxes.

According to reports, Donald Trump’s proposed budget targets to cut more than $1 trillion in social programs. Apparently, the health care programs will take the biggest hit with his proposal.

Reports revealed that Trump suggested reducing over $800 billion from Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program over 10 years.

Medicaid, the state-federal program that aims to provide health care assistance to low-income Americans, is expected to cut off about 10 million beneficiaries if it comes to fruition.

Trump also proposed changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). It was revealed that the president plans to cut nearly $200 billion from food stamps, which fed 44 million people last year. In addition, Trump also wants to reduce about $72 billion from programs intended to assist people with disabilities.

He also suggested lessening funds from agriculture subsidies amounting to $50 billion.

Also included in Trump’s budget proposal are consolidating student loan repayment plans, ending subsidized student loans and ending Public Service Loan Forgiveness. These will reportedly save the government over $100 billion.

On the other hand, Donald Trump also expressed his intent to increase spending on various programs.

According to reports, Trump proposed to add $168 million for charter school programs. He also plans to allocate about $250 million for a new private-school choice program wherein families will be given assistance to send their children to private schools.

The president also intends to improve infrastructures in the country, aiding them with around $200 billion funds.

Aside from that, Donald Trump also plans to increase funding of the Pentagon aiming to boost security forces. According to reports, Trump proposed $54 billion increase for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force. Also, the fund will also be utilized to acquire new F-35 Joint Strike Fighters and restock munitions inventories.

It was also revealed that Trump is pushing funds to his campaign pledges. Apparently, the president requested $1.7 billion funds this year and an additional $2.6 billion next year to facilitate the construction of the controversial border wall with Mexico. He also plans to use the fund to hire border security and immigration judges.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump also proposed an additional budget for new projects, including Ivanka’s Parental Leave program. It has been revealed that $25 billion has been allotted for the first daughter’s program on the president’s budget plans.

Ivanka’s paid family leave program will provide families after birth or adoption with six weeks of paid leave

However, despite the positive intentions of the program, many were quick to express criticism, pointing out how it will have an adverse effect in the long run.

Many find the budget proposal for the project as a “cruel joke,” pointing out its domino effect. Although the program is intended to assist families after birth, the aftermath is something worth pondering.

Many assume that funding the Parental Leave program equates to trimming budget in other aspects such as SNAP and Medicaid, which are also helpful for many families.

“He’s literally taking baby formula out of the mouths of infants while claiming that he’s pro-family so I think people are going to see it for what it is, which is a fig leaf.”

President Donald Trump’s budget proposal must be approved by the Congress first before it is enacted into law.

Many are positive that Trump’s budget cuts will most likely be unsuccessful. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer stated that such proposal is likely to be “rejected.”

“Based on what we know about this budget, the good news — the only good news — is that it was likely to be roundly rejected by members of both parties here in the Senate, just as the last budget was.”

Senator Lindsey Graham also pointed out, “If we implemented this budget, you’d have to retreat from the world or put a lot of people at risk. This budget is not going to go anywhere.”

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