'General Hospital' Spoilers: Nurse Amy's Past With Maxie Could Get Dangerous-Is She Crushing On Nathan?

The General Hospital Nurses Ball is underway, and that means many couples are taking to the red carpet on Tuesday to attend this fun and always dramatic event. Most Port Charles residents will be there, and no one is looking more forward to the ball than Amy Driscoll. The GH nurse loves to perform on stage, and this year she will have a handsome man on her arm as well. It looks like Amy will be hooking up with Detective Nathan West, at least for the evening.

There is just something about nurse Amy that has been a little off, and General Hospital fans have been trying to figure out if she is as squeaky clean as she seems to be. A few hints are coming to light now, and according to spoilers by Soap Central, Amy's past will be revealed very soon, and it may not be so bubbly after all. Should Nathan be worried?

Amy has somehow wormed her way into Nathan's life. Whether it is by accident, or if that is what she intended to do, she has become friends with him. She would want nothing more than to hook up with the sexy PCPD cop. However, there is one problem, and her name is Maxie. Nathan and Maxie have become a favorite General Hospital couple on the soap, but they have not had much screen time together at all since the wedding.

Nathan married the love of his life back in January, but it is has not turned into the wedded bliss like he thought it would. Maxie has been out of town for weeks now, leaving her husband behind for a job. She has no intention of coming back anytime soon, and that leaves Nathan in a vulnerable state. He is lonely and questions whether Maxie is really fully committed to their marriage. Amy has swooped in unexpectedly, and she may have made Nathan question his relationship with Maxie even more.

Apparently, Amy has a major issue with Maxie. It was revealed that Amy was bullied by Maxie back when they were in high school, and it still seems to be fresh in her mind. Is this a prequel to a revenge story?

There is a General Hospital rumor swirling that maybe Maxie will make it back in time for the Nurses Ball. Spoilers indicate that Nathan's night will get better on Tuesday's episode, and that could be a teaser that his wife could show up. However, there has been no official word on when actress Kirsten Storms will be back or if she has already been on set filming. If she should show up unexpectedly, that could very well cause Amy to have a meltdown.

If Maxie does not return this week, this will give Amy more time to get her claws into her husband. General Hospital spoilers tease that Amy will be crushing even deeper now, especially since photos show that she is walking the red carpet with Nathan West on her arm.

The rumor going around is that they will be a new General Hospital couple after the ball is over. However, Nathan may just be playing the nice guy and escorting Amy as just friends. If she sees it as a romantic gesture, then her head will explode when Maxie eventually gets back home. Remember that after her chat with Nathan at his and Maxie's apartment, Amy grabbed the photo of them and proceeded to rip Maxie right out of the picture. That was a strong indicator that she is not quite the peppy nurse that she claims to be and she may be seeking revenge.

This could all turn into a dangerous mess when Maxie returns to Port Charles. Did she really bully Amy in high school? Will she be mad enough to do away with Nathan's wife? Be sure to catch General Hospital to see if nurse Amy Driscoll has revenge on her mind.

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