‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Kiki Finally Learn The Truth About What Ava Did To Morgan?

The General Hospital Nurses Ball begins on Monday, but it is not all about music and fun. There is always drama around every corner, which makes this annual event quite interesting, to say the least. Kiki Jerome is busy getting ready to perform, but she will take some time out to have a heart-to-heart chat with her mother. Ava has a secret that she has been keeping, and it involves her daughter. Will her guilty conscience make her confess what she did to Morgan Corinthos?

The pill-switching storyline has been going on for a while now, and Ava Jerome has been feeling the heat ever since she realized what role she played in Morgan’s death. She has been doing whatever she can to keep it from getting out because she knows exactly what Sonny would do to her if he knew. However, a sneak peek clip posted by General Hospital reveals that Ava may just spill the beans to Kiki right before the Nurses Ball.

In the preview clip, Ava confesses that Morgan’s death still haunts her to this day. Kiki tells her mom that they both need to face what Morgan meant to both of them. They both had a relationship with him, and despite the fact that Kiki has forgiven Ava for sleeping with Morgan, she may not forgive her for her role in his death.

Ava keeps saying that she is guilty about the whole thing, but she has been desperately doing her best to cover her tracks so no one else will know that she switched Morgan’s pills. There have been small hints along the way that she is involved, but no one besides Lucy and Scott has figured it out yet.

As she is talking to Kiki, she will let it slip that she did something to keep her daughter safe. She will give a hint that something is up, and Kiki will pick up on it quickly. During their chat in the General Hospital preview, Ava tells her that whatever she did in the past, she did it for her.

“Whatever happened before, you know, whatever I did, I did for you. I did for your wellbeing.”

Red flags go up as Kiki asked her mom what she did. This would be the perfect time for Ava to confess her sins, but that will most likely not happen. This teaser could mean that the secret will finally come out, but Ava is expected to continue to dance around the truth as she always does. She will find a way to cover herself once again.

General Hospital Morgan Corrinthos

However, the beans may be spilled by someone else very soon. Dr. Andre Maddox is on the hunt to find out exactly why Morgan crashed while he was supposedly still taking his prescribed dose of lithium. The bottle had the right drug in it, but it was not the strength that he gave him, and he is out to find out why and who may have switched them. According to General Hospital spoilers by SheKnows Soaps, Andre will make a huge discovery by the end of this week. What could it be?

More spoilers tease that he will get to the bottom of what happened that made Morgan steal that car in the first place that resulted in his untimely death. In the meantime, Ava is expected to come close to spilling the truth, but Scott will warn her of the bad outcome if she should do that. Sonny and Carly will both be out for blood if they find out.

Ava would also lose both of her daughters. Sonny would make sure that she never sees Avery again and Kiki may not be so forgiving about her role in Morgan’s death. She has finally moved on with her life, but learning what her mother did could send her into a tailspin once again.

Do you think Ava will let Kiki know about switching Morgan’s pills? Stay tuned to General Hospital this week to see if she spills the beans or if Andre leaks the truth.

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